December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

today's afternoon sky
The year grows old and is covered in snow here, the sun is shining brilliantly illuminating my thoughts of the past year.
Two words come to mind.
Thank you.
Thank you for the richness, the friendship, the love, the generosity and the creative goodness you all have imparted to me, to this blog and the lives of it's readers.
Thank you too for your kindness and willingness to jump in and help a cause, such as the Lovely Hearts. Or the Art Aids Art show from Sandy's tip off. There's real heart out there in the 'sphere. There have been so many incredible new bonds this year we have made with artists here at artstream too. Finding them around the corner or across the globe. It's all be possible because of the amazing network of blogging. I won't get too mushy here, but with a real swelling of gladness in my own heart, I thank you, each and every one. I wish you all a wonderful evening tonight too, whatever you do!

I did promise to release the Lovely Hearts form, heart code, and information today. It's live now, ready for your lovely entries. Please spread the word, grab the code for your blog and get involved. We are so very much looking forward to your participation!

The last word for the year is simply: peace. There is true strength in peace. Let's create it.

December 28, 2007

hot chocolate time

hot chocolate time, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

yeah, it's Friday. Hard to know isn't it?
This is just a little post to show my favorite purchase of 2007. At a local thrift store in town I found this little four cup beauty. As we use a coffee press, I designated it to the hot chocolate duty.
It is perfect. Four cups for $5. What a steal. Is everyone enjoying time away? What are you doing?
We had some nice company at the gallery today. Teeni and her husband popped by for a look and went home with some lovely pieces. What a good eye she has! (and really nice person to boot)
Enjoying the snow here with beautiful morning skies and a little extra napping time each day. Very splendid indeed. Enjoy your weekend and start thinking about your Lovely Hearts pieces. Here is a local article on the show last year. Posting the skinny on this year's exhibition on Monday here. Until then, have a wonder filled weekend!

December 21, 2007

peace and joy

my doves and coffee, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

to everyone in 2008...

I will be posting lightly over the next week, with more info on Lovely Hearts and beautiful artwork we find.
Until then, wishing everyone a lovely holiday!

December 19, 2007

Lovely Hearts 2

Everyone is busy and running about right now and thinking of this and that for the holidays,
We are feeling overloaded, but what better time to stop and ponder next year's charitable giving? Yes, I wanted to give you one more thing to think about. February. Lovely Hearts 2. This coming year we are doing our Lovely Hearts breast cancer research charity exhibition again.

This year it will be in honor of a close friend of ours, Tamara (Tammy) Cogen. Tammy is battling breast cancer right now. She is young and she is strong. We are pulling for her. She and her mother Nancy own The Melting Pot, over in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn and have been handcrafters since the 70's. (ok Tammy was a child then, but Nancy's batik business has been going strong for 30+ years!)

So, we would like to open up the entry process for you all again right after Christmas at artstream. All the proceeds, after fees, will go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We will have our page set up for the process again at the site right after Christmas for entries, and to answer questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions now though!

We ask that the work be:
  • small - nothing larger than 10x10 inches
  • theme of show is love, not limited to just heart images!
  • cost of artwork to be $100 or less
  • ready to hang
  • sculpture encouraged! no larger than 10x10x10
The opening for the event will be February 1 to coincide with our city's art stroll. Start thinking, planning, and spreading the love. Everything will be in a special section of our online shop.

December 17, 2007

seagreen/rust orb large

seagreen/rust orb large, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

just another lovely orb in the gallery by sarah burns.
i think it is the perfect piece to hide something EXPENSIVE in - as a gift.
of course i would love to have it just sitting on my dresser as well...

Art Goodness

guppies by Ty Williams 11x14x1.5 inches $175

There is so much goodness radiating around right now... it's amazing. We have been going crazy with shipping artsy goodness to lucky holiday gift receivers - (you people are so smart to buy art for your loved ones, thank you!)
I have been so lucky to be part of the great group number 6 for the ornament swap. I have some beauties to show, but first here is the two that came through the door today - from right around the corner in Gonic from Geek+ Nerd and from PA from the lovely Megan of meganauman. I have loved her work from afar for quite awhile now and am so pleased to have her ornament!

On the coast, a very talented young man has been contacting me for awhile now and I have been lusting after his artwork. Ty Williams has dropped off a few of his last year's paintings with us and some new work as well. As he is trying to make way for new work he is offering his older pieces at crazy prices. We are putting them into the shop today and throughout the week for all of you bargin hunters. His work appeals to me on so many levels. The colorways and black line work are tremendous. His use of 1 and a half inch drawers made from wood give the work a bold placement on the wall. He occasionally uses canvas and a skateboard deck or two, but these are not the norm. Check out "Brothers of the Beard" and "Fine Fish Friends". His wit knows no bounds. Ty will appear in our shop continuously with new work appearing monthly. He will also be featured in a show in 2008, so stay tuned for more of his work!

December 14, 2007

Turned wooden bowls

Here is a quick shot, (with more to come later) of some bea-uuuuu-tiful turned bowls by artist Sarah Burn's father. They just landed in the gallery ... Each bowl is a different wood, with the name of the wood and the signature of the artist on the bottom. oh my oh my these are so pretty and so functional and so beautifully mastered. Soon in the shop! From $40 to $375

December 12, 2007

Heather Palmer

Heather Palmer, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
Her glass nests have been causing quite a stir...a few of these are left in the shop! Be swift, they are melting away....
Today is a joyous day! I get to leave now to pick up daughter Grace from college. She is finishing up her last final as I type and ready for a nice long winter break. We are looking forward to this time.
Oh! A couple people asked how to make the gumdrop trees - so here goes!
Just purchace a styrofoam cone and a box of toothpicks along with your favorite size gumdrops. We snapped the picks in half and poked them into the trees, spiraling up from the bottom to keep our fingers less sugary. Rainer made the stars on top radiating out from a single drop. After a day or two they toughen up a bit so are very sturdy. They can be kept from year to year in a shoebox in a very dry place. Don't ask what happens if they get "damp". Alternatively, you can pick off the dry gumdrops, eat them if you like that sort of thing ... (heh!) and keep the styrofoam bases from year to year. They work just fine.
Have a wonderful winter day in your part of the world!

December 11, 2007

Highlights from Mapping the Way

There is so much beauty inside these four walls here at artstream this month - with affordable art works for giving and receiving! There is still plenty of time for shipping, so click away!
First for the under $50 gifts from this exhibit:

There are still a few of the beautiful small art of Heather Smith Jones each mounted on mat board with clear photo corners, wrapped in a tiny clear envelope. Beautiful! $40 - this one is called Ten - Looking up Here for Answers.
Sub-Studio has a grouping of all of their pen and inks called "Seeking Light Series" reproduced in digital prints for only $25. I think these are the perfect gift of art for the modern art lover. They remind me of nights going out and looking through a telescope. Here is Seeking Light #4 in digital print:

For a little more, you can pick up their magenta or black series of their Abyssal silk screen prints - framed all for $80.
For the modern collage lovers - you can look to Stephanie Levy's original beautiful collages mounted on a thick heavy handmade paper which is ready for framing - Madagascar $110.

Or, if you would like to spend a bit more, one of my pieces - entitled: "Communication" is a mixed media painting framed is $175:

For those of you who haven't seen Heather's pinhole work, well here is a foray into the beauty of her meticulous white on white "Pieces of Mama" Each is a gem at $225: Pieces of Mama #4:

Finally - a lovely work of Edibeth Farrington's map series - at $250 matted and framed her "Ship of Fools" would make a great special gift. (psst: we just landed some new unframed work of Edibeth's this week too - coming soon to the shop)

There is much more artwork in the show - the gallery shop has most of it listed, if there is something else which you have a question about, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

December 10, 2007


Nice little write up that I totally missed over at MoCo Loco
Above: Megan Bogonovich's "Reconnoitering" sculpture which we sent (among other fabulous pieces) to Miami for the Fragiles show.
Doing the catch-up thing here, so bear with me. More to come later today on some highlights of the current show you might have overlooked!

December 09, 2007


A sweet Sunday to you all. Just a little holiday crafting going on over here. Each year we make something fun for our gingerbread house lawn. We had retired these a few years back, but bringing them to the garden area of our house again this year.
Chloe and I made these yesterday. Fun!

December 07, 2007

House with a View

House with a View 12x12x1 acrylic on canvas
For Illustration Friday - which happens to conincide with this series so very nicely... House with a view third of the four part series of Little houses in the big plants. Laura Ingalls Wilder never had it is like this. Available at our shop.
Won't you come inside and join me for a cup of tea?

December 06, 2007

Who knows where the time goes?

the last of the darling zinnias a few weeks ago - uuupps! two months!
I missed my two year blog-o-versary back in November, but it's never too late to celebrate a bit and to be thankful a bit and to hopefully inspire a bit tonight. I thought it was appropriate to link a bit as well. (And make references to beautiful really old Sandy Denny song...)
First and foremost -
Thank you all, for such wonderful support of this blog. By reading, commenting, emailing and sending me links to your work we have connected. So many friends all over the planet! it makes me feel quite warm inside. Thank you!

Heather Smith Jones, Leaf and its pattern, pinholes on paper, image size 6 in. x 13 in., framed size 15 5/8 in. x 22 5/8 in., available at our gallery
Secondly for inspiration- there are just so many good things being made and happening out there in the world.
It's a time of sparkle and wonder and a little too much everything, but there are also places which have just the right amount of just the right thing.

Through Heather's beautiful blog I peered into a Göteborg, Sweden window of Bibbi's. It is other worldly. It moved me.

A few blogs have had lasting power for me these past two years. I find myself going back again and again to Cally Creates. A place where art is truly in the everyday and eye of the beholder. On the same island, Milla, a little further south, leads another artful life. I enjoy her own work and writings about artists she finds. It's real. It's Milla. I love it. Ulla (hey wait a minute, do all my daily stops have a double LL in their names?!) has a visual feast for the eyes most every time I pop in there. Her creative spirit is everywhere she is. Sandy - from the same coast - is not only one of the nicest people I have ever met - ever, but has an engaging style all her own filled with honest, funny, whimsical writing and artwork. Art Tea Life is full of fun and great recipes!

Speaking of recipes, I am currently baking a wonderful smelling cake for a special someone. Guess where this fabulous recipe came from? Three Layer Cake. The ever sassy, well written, certainly one of the smartest women I have ever come to know, Kristina can cook. Check out her new look at 3LC. Grace at the ever evolving, completely creative design*sponge has been a joy to know and a daily delight to read. She is a true original, with a heart of gold. But you know that already, you read her daily too! One of my daily reads is always filled with more inspiration that you can shake a knitting needle at is Whip up. I have been part of that writing community for a year and a half now and have enjoyed each and every day of it. Kathreen is an endless idea woman and well, that is a priceless talent. Another talent and fabulous read is Andrea from Vancouver. Her recent meme is a hoot and her artwork, I really really really love her earth paintings, are lovely.

There are many more places to go and people to see in the side bar - Kathy's new shop with her amazingly crafted fabric creations, the ever-artist Regina, at Monster Crochet, and Jan who blows me away with her oh let's knit complex patterns whilst whipping up a fabulous quilt during my down time of the socks I should finish -- be*mused gal. Talk about your trio of talent. Yes, that would be them. Their is Moe, the swampgrrl, Susanna the photographer, dear friend Angie, and the rest of my sidebar... so much talent.

Over the past year I have become quite a flickr addict (oh you too?) while trying to spend less time at the computer and more time at the easel is a little bit more difficult with diversions like these and this and these, not to mention this and that and those.

The hour grows late, the cake is out of the pan and well, what can I say except thank you friends!

The word for the day has been at rest for a long time, to revive it a bit - today's word is fragrant. Like the baking of holiday treats, the scent of a special place and the soft, icy, wonderful way the first snow smells.

December 05, 2007

Night walking

nightwalking II 5x7 inches $40 original watercolor

I enjoyed making the really tiny (2x3 inches)watercolors based around "drudgery" and "chores" this past year, so I thought I would revisit them with some new 5x7 inch ones. Here's the first - Night Walking 2. In our neighborhood, so many people have pets and are out with them when the moon is up. I like to think it's a very social time, for both pet and owner. Of course when the temps dip down low as they are now, there is a small piece of drudgery added.
Where do you walk your dog? Who do you meet? Any interesting stories?

December 02, 2007

the peony house

the peony house, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

A part of my new painting series based on my "story of small" book I made earlier this year. it's 12x12 inches and is acrylic on canvas. it also fits the illustration friday theme, I believe with the "excessive leaves"... It's up at our shop.

December 01, 2007

Thank you

Thanks to all who have written, called and came by yesterday and today. All is well after yesterday's ordeal.
Today we even did a little holiday window dressing to offest the media oppression (and endless phone calls) which has taken over our little city. ... Thank you for your concern -it's so good to know that people are thinking of you. We are hiding out this afternoon, but will be open again on Monday. Happy weekend!

November 30, 2007

Bloesem's Pink collection

These new Pink Collection necklaces from Blosem are really unique. I think that the above "#3 necklace" could be the perfect winter piece of jewelry - juxtaposed a top of a soft cashmere sweater. The colors combinations Irene has used in this collection are breathtaking. See them all at her etsy shop. "Bloesem's Pink Collection are twenty necklaces... with beads and stones....every necklace has a 'Roze Quartz' is a limited every necklace is a unique piece"

November 29, 2007

Let me introduce, Amber Lavalley

Here she is folks, one of the newest artists added to our gallery- Amber Lavalley. I did a quick sneak peek of her work a month ago, but here are her smaller affordable works which we are popping into the shop as you read this. She has a small series of $150 mixed media paintings which are inspired by period style beds. I can't say enough about her work, so why don't you just go take a little gander yourself at them? She is in our January Show, which will focus on her larger works. She is also one of our two INVALUABLE interns without whom I would not have been able to survive the past month. She earned her BFA from Montserrat Collage of Art in 2004 and has worked in Boston for the past two years at a gallery there. We are very excited about her work! We are thrilled to have her help at the gallery - thank you Amber!

Brain Shawl

Brain Shawl, originally uploaded by ladylinoleum.

Regina from Monster Crochet has done it again. I love this woman and the way her mind works. This shawl was crocheted in thread and of her own pattern and design. Is she a brainiac or what?
Too good to miss, Regina's way with fiber is twisted for sure and always unique. I had the pleasure to meet her this past summer at the gallery on her visit to NH - all the way from L.A. She immediately fell in love with Megan Bogonovich's unusual growth dogs (no surprises there!) and I found out that she not only has her way with fiber but an MFA under her belt too.
This woman is a true artist. I guess that it shows here plainly, n'est pas?
Bravo Regina!

November 28, 2007


The lovely Cally and Gretchen have tagged me to explain five oddities about moi.
Well, that is simple. SO many to choose from!
First I will explain the photo above. It's a tag. heh.
I have been making holiday tags for my personal HANDMADE gifts and perhaps a few to sell in December at the shop. Let me know if you are interested. They are shiny on the front and the back has room for writing that special note with a pencil or sharpie.
1. I love to stay up late, but also enjoy the early hours of the morning to create and to work.
2. Hence, I love naps.
3. I do not like to shop. at. all. for. anything. ever.
4. I would prefer to have dinner at home cooked by my husband than at 99.9% restaurants. (Pepperland, excluded)
5. I am hair phobic. Let's just say that I don't have a clue which way to turn any kind of curling or straightening iron. I leave it up to my 13 yr. old when things get tough. Perhaps I am just having a bad hair YEAR.
Well, that is more than enough. As it is the holidays I won't spring eternal on tagging others, but would ask you all to leave a comment with one oddity of your own below, if you feel the urge.

Daydream Studios

I found these lovely non-traditional cards over at the etsy shop, daydream studios. I had to show them as they really sparked the non holiday side of the season for me. We shouldn't need a reason to daydream, nor to send snail mail to those we care about, so these would be nice most anytime. Looking further into their studios they also do faux finishes and murals in their local Dallas Ft. Worth area. Click over to see that here at the site.

November 27, 2007

Foxy and Winston

Jane over at foxy and winston dropped me a line today about some new adorable designs for baby and child. Having designed and manufactured, (for almost ten years), a line of children's clothing, I fully appreciate a quality, fun/artistic piece of clothing when I see it. These are IT. Hedgehogs of course are my personal favorite being extra partial to their slug eating qualities... however Jane has some equally sweet squirrels and lovely owls and elephants to satisfy anyone. Take a look, cotton, (some organic!) and printed in their flawless, signature style. Thanks Jane!

New Davis Pottery

Just opened and oh so beautiful - new white on white work from Mary Anne Davis. The big bowl is a knockout and well, just in time for the holidays! In the shop soon as well, it was JUST in the door!

November 26, 2007

You are Invited!

fragiles invitation, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Our invitation to Fragiles just came in the mail today - so beautiful!
Click the photo to read the wonderful company which Megan Bogonovich is exhibiting with. We packed and shipped everything to Miami last week - whew! and looking forward to the exhibition.
If you are in the Miami area the first weekend of December, please visit the exhibition!

Girlhood paperdoll calendar 08

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and holiday time... we certainly did along with a well needed rest.
However, I have been busy packaging up the new "Girlhood paperdoll calendar" for 2008. I was inspired this year to create illustrative memories of my own daughter's "girlhood years" adding in some parts of mine. I chose to use pen and ink with watercolor illustrations for the months and left the paper additions to YOU. Yes, a DIY gift for that paper lover in your life. There are enough papers and tracing paper pattern paper to create your own unique outfits for each month. Instructions are included tooThe calendar comes with a ribbon tie, and the packet of papers is attached to the back. They are 8.5x11 inches, but with more room to write in appointments and such. They are $28 and available in the gallery, online in our shop and at my etsy!

November 21, 2007

Without Snow

without snow, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Red berries in the back garden bush. Grey slatted fence holding shadows. November is here.
Wishing you a wonderful peaceful holiday if you celebrate Thanksgiving, and a lovely Thursday if you don't!

November 20, 2007


Oops! Where did yesterday go? Filled with art meetings, mailings, phone calls, and last minute details it slipped away. A day like yesterday reminds me to remember the details of the important pieces of each day. Like breathing, eating, self appreciation and the love of comfortable shoes. Today we are packing up work for Design Miami.... so I will leave you with these tidbits!
A couple of newsy bits-
Our designer extraordinare, (Rainer!) has updated our shop with a nice winter-y look and fun banner - do take a look if you have a moment. More goodies hopping in today and tomorrow. Everything we sell is handmade and most everything is one of a kind. Did you take the pledge yet? More holiday items to come...

New prints from Sub-Studio going in to the shop today from their "Seeking Light" collection of pen and ink drawings. So affordable and lovely! ($25!)

My personal shop over at etsy is holding a holiday sale with new items going in over the weekend. Yes, the calendar will be unveiled then too! Above is a little sneak peek of the original artwork. New illustration format this year - with a little DIY bonus. stay tuned!

November 16, 2007

Andrea Corson

garland necklace

earrings three
Andrea Corson is a jewelry designer from NYC. Her pieces have been celebrated by Daily Candy, The NYTimes, Bon Appetit, Surface and more. We are thrilled to find her via her sister- in - law, Kelly, who is one of my adult painting students. She had some of Andrea's jewelry on and well, the rest is history. It's going into the shop this weekend - along with a wonderful load of other goodies - handmade gifts for self and others. We are in the middle of an update too, so everything will be all tidy when we are back up! Andrea's pieces will be there as well - earrings and necklaces all so one of a kind and very special. I am totally in love with the Garland 2 necklace pictured above.
Oh! One last, late bit! Jessica is holding a giveaway, but only until tonight - hop over and enter!

Heather Palmer, Livia Coliji and more

nest by Heather Palmer black glass

the elephant and the bird
Thank you all for your kind words and mails yesterday. I am feeling a tad better today!
Lots of updates to the shop are coming... we are updating the entire shop - site so please be patient with us today....
We have had three new boxes come into the gallery this week and as I am feeling a bit better today, I will venture out to open them. Heather Palmer's beautiful glass works have arrived and new tiny art by Livia Coloji from Romania are there waiting for me along with some new jewelry from a NYC artist to be revealed a bit later!
Above is some of Heather's and Livia's work which we just received. Look for it in the shop this weekend.

November 15, 2007

Quiet day

cally creates paper beauty!
Somehow I have come down with a sort of flu and am under the weather. Here is a bit of cheer from dear Angie over at omondieu! (yes she's back!) and dear Cally's lovely work. I updated my shop at etsy a bit too, with two square foot originals from the "girlhood" series I started this summer... but for now I will be going back to the tea pot and books.

new angel rings by omondieu

November 14, 2007

More mapping goodies

If you haven't taken a closer look yet at some of the fine pieces in our Mapping the Way show - well you really should! These little beauties (like the above) are still available at an affordable $40 each! They are so beautiful in person, with tiny messages glowing from within them all.
For something a little larger and much more involved, these pinhole pieces from Heather Smith Jones are so beautiful. Loving each and every one of them on our "blue moon wall."

Sub-Studio also has some prints of the original Seeking Light pen and ink pieces which we are adding to the shop later this week. Email me if you can't wait, we understand... Peek around the shop - ther is a lot of beauty in all the corners!