March 18, 2013

Adapting Art Lab for Kids lessons for Little ones!

Jackson Falls
Happy Monday to you all! Rested and refreshed here after a much needed weekend away from it all! Big thanks to my darling daughters for making it possible to spend two nights away in our favorite NH spot: Jackson! The weekend was topped off by a drive to Portland, ME to try out Duckfat. Friends have raved about this place and as "Chopped" addicts we loved Chef Rob Evan's style and thought, yeah, we have to do this...  so we did and loved it! Just go if you can, we implore you to!

So it's Monday again and I have been thinking about some feedback that I had been getting from a number of sources who were asking the same questions: How do we use your book for our Little ones?
Well, in a few short months Art Lab for Littles will be released and you can use that - but in the meanwhile I have started to post over at the book blog with some helps on adapting ALFK to the younger set. The book was not intended for children under the age of 5 or 6 to use, but there are some easy helps available now at the book blog to help you get started with art and your little one. I am taking requests for lessons from Art Lab for Kids that you would like to see adapted - just leave a comment at the book blog. The first one is foamy prints and is up already. Once a week you can find one there, so hop over and check it out!

March 12, 2013

May classes at Selah in Las Vegas!

Selah in Las Vegas is a wonderful home to art making and creating of all sorts. I am pleased to announce three workshops that I will be teaching there in May! Our March dates had to be pushed back but we are completely excited that the May dates are set! So join me in some fun - making art and using my book to teach others about your passion!

March 07, 2013

Art in the Home

Megan Bogonovich's small sculpture packs a punch on our table

Darryl Berger's King with his Bird greets our guests in our  breezeway

Penelope Dullahan's beautiful work just sings in our dining room

Original art plays a big role in our home. Not surprising really in the home of two artists and a student artist. Interestingly enough though it is other artist's work which is most prominent in our home right now. I move things around a lot and rotate different work in and out of the rooms, but it's always original art that moves us.  Here are a few shots of different work that we have in our home - note that it always doesn't go with the couch but it somehow belongs. And, inspires us every day. What inspires you in your home?
Eve Corey's painting of provence in our entryway light

March 02, 2013

Drawing Saturdays

Just a peek at some little creatures which I drew this afternoon in my sketchbook. It's been awhile since I have picked up a pencil - and it won't be so long next time! Happy weekend!