October 30, 2006

Small Stump

A cute little company with some clever little ideas ... Small Stump! Their birch bark tubes could grace your table this fall - maybe with some of those Coe and Waito birds mingled amongst them? I would plant "baby's tears" inside the jar and let them cascade over the edge. Not for everyday, but in fall, with a spot of green or even into the holiday season with some live rosemary plants inside? And if you need a real little stump of your own, they even have that too!

Pink Sunglasses

monotype/mixedmedia 26 by 23 inches
Pink Sunglasses was one of my two visual responses for our upcoming exhibition Ekphrastic Art II opening this Friday at artstream. It was inspired by the poem New Sunglasses by Jennifer White. I have made two panels for this piece and I am thinking about making prints of them both because I like them so much. It is a monoprint with mixed media additions. Here is the poem:

New Sunglasses
by Jennifer White

When you’re tired of your own reflection,
Bland and flat as a dollar bill,
Put on your pink-tinted wayfarer glasses
And saunter outside—it’s spring!
Remember junior high, those bright white
Candy cigarettes? Think of pressing the V
Of your fingers against your lips, of breathing in
And blowing out powdered sugar.
Think hip: Janis Joplin. Think class: Jackie O.
Think pink: painted toenails, raspberry sherbet,
a wet collage of fallen crab apple blossoms
on the black sidewalk. You don’t have to imagine
seeing the world through rose-colored lenses: you are.
Everyone is beautiful! Pink glasses:
the antidote for fluorescent bathroom lights.
Pink glasses: the sky is rosy-fingered dawn
all day long! 10th century China: the first
glasses were magnifying glass in frames;
Ben Franklin had the idea for, then wore
the world’s first bifocals in 1760. Oh,
to see near and far in Paris! But you don’t need
glasses to correct a blur. Your perspective
could use some adjustment. The saleslady
showed you other colors—you could only think
blue mood and green with envy. It’s pink
that will train you from the outside in
so that some gray rainy day you’ll look up
at cotton candy clouds and down at tropical punch
puddles and realize you don’t even have them on.

Body & Soul: A Guide to Women’s Care, Fall 2000
please remember these are copyrighted materials and it isn't kind to steal.


It's Halloween here and so mask making begins. Here is one of my afterschool children's classes creating paper masks while all the while learning about positive and negative space. Masks are a reoccuring theme in our little school because we teach our lessons through art history. Since the begining of humankind, in every culture all around the world there have been masks being made.

If you could put on a mask what would yours look like or who would you pretend to be?

October 29, 2006

Diana Fayt Calendar

Here is my favorite month of the new calendar by Diana Fayt, potter! Love her pottery? We have that! Love her calendar? Very cool. Get it here at her shop. Love it!

October 28, 2006

Illustration Friday "Wind"

"wind" 5" by 8" mixedmedia (click to enlarge the photo)

Wind is what we are experiencing this weekend in New England. Here is my little mixed media piece for "Wind" for IF. Get blown away at IF with more fabulous artwork!

The word for the day is ... upsweep ... as in a hairdo, a hair-don't, and a raising of something in one swift motion.

October 27, 2006

Tinkerbell goes to the party

One down, one to go. Am I deadline oriented or what? The middle school band party tonight made Tinkerbell sewing a little bit highspeed today... I can't use patterns as I just don't get the directions - I always think I have a better idea. Well, I don't, but somehow I think I do!
So I rely on elastic, glittery bits to cover areas which need masking and well, tulle is a wonder material for covering a multitude of sins. .. This costume depends heavily on "ruching" for shape.
I only do this costume making for the glory of my children telling me I am a brilliant "sewer". (indeed I am not!) when in fact if it were not for my brilliant husband fixing the really tough parts and helpfully suggesting in a knowing way that "I don't think that is a good idea" I would never get through it at all! He can sew beautifully. Including turning a worn collar, patching pants in areas which I just look at them and say, how on earth do you get to that spot to sew? ... you get the picture. Yes folks, he helps me with my knitting and photoshop lessons too. If I didn't love him so very much I would be jealous of him!
I feel ridiculous about this costumes accessories "the WINGS" though as I posted on Whip up this week: " How to make wings" .. er... visions of grandeur on my part. Reason? Yes, I have a good excuse ... Daughter #1 saw this costume in process and instantly said, I want that too. The wings flew out the window. Walgreens supplied wings at disgustingly low prices. I buckled and decided it was time for a glass of white wine and a little painting time too.
The word for the day is ... compromise ... as in a balance between what is actually humanly possible vs. what idyllic fantasy one may conjour up in ones imagination!

Film as art

We are madly preparing for our second annual filmstream - short films festival - on November 18th. It is a great event full of 15 minute or less films. We pack the place (the Robege Center) and feel a little culturally richer at the end of the evening. If you are in the area, won't you join us?
On the line of film, there is a film being shot currently about Indie Craft. Check it out! Follow their travels here at their blog too...

House Couturier

How about some fabulous flair for a lamp? I am not a lamp lover, I prefer ones that hang from the ceiling, but this one romances me... at it's price it should... but if you really think about it, why not have something special if you are going to have something at all? This one would stand the test of time for me. Offered by the Hidden Art Shop and ships worldwide. I am completely in love with this Shop.

"For your interior design and decoration needs, House Couturier specialize in design led wallpapers, fabrics, one off furniture, lighting, curtains and blinds, bespoke printing on walls and handmade soft furnishings. Their digitally printed images in bespoke sizes can also be made into panels."

Susanna's Encaustic

She sells seashells by Susanna's shore... we swaped! it was so much fun to send out a bird/bean painting and get a beautiful seashell encuastic in return. I just love it! It is among my tiny shell shrine in my new home studio with memories of Cape Cod. Thank you Susanna!

October 26, 2006

Judith Heller Cassell

iris midsummer etching 8"x14"
I have never posted about my dear friend Judith, her beautiful work and multialented skills. Mostly, because it is hard to know where to begin. I will leave out a lot because I don't believe in huge rambling posts and well, her artwork - in all her arenas is 'nuff said'.
Yesterday she stopped by with her sculptures for the Ekphrastic Art Project which opens November 4th. She then handed me a belated birthday present (which you see above) called "Iris midsummer" (an etching which I love), and a a bonus as well -- a beautiful bouquet of rainbow swiss chard from their enormous organic garden. She supplies us with fresh eggs from her hens and vegetable plants each year for our garden. Here are our heirloom tomatoes below -- which we picked before the frost are all becoming ripe indoors now. Judith is a member of the Boston Printmakers Society, and exhibits with us an many other galleries around the USA. Love her, love her work.

The word for the day is ... complete ... as in those Halloween costumes.... ahem.

October 25, 2006

Louise Gibb

Petal bowl image from Hidden Art Shop

Another unique find from Hidden Art. How spectacular is this? So mod, but not over the top. And they ship worldwide... made from a ceramic clay body. Looks like spring, yet stylized enough to use year round.
"Louise collaborates with other companies as a freelance designer and is currently working with an English tableware company developing products in Eastern Europe for the British market. Louise has worked in Italy as a freelance designer for eight years. As a designer-maker working for a mass market, she finds the arts and ceramics industries stimulating"

Migliori Glass at artstream

migliori glass vase "round" photo by artstream
A couple times a year we have the pleasure to offer pieces of handblown glass from a local Rochester, NH glass blower - Joe Migliori. Here is one of six vases we are offering at artstream of his golden yellow glass. Joe sets up glass furnaces for artists around the world and splits his time between Spain and the rest of the world. When he lands back home with his parents for a moment, we get some vases from him and some lovely handblown glass balls. A few of the vases (only $40!!!) will be in the gallery shop for those of you not able to drop by. They are always organic in shape and always one of a kind.
remember to sign up at the shop for our once a month newsletter on upcoming items... you will receive a special bonus at time of sign up!

Fire Orb

fireorb in a home setting - photograph from Fire Orb
This time of year in my neighborhood, you start seeing dumptrucks pull into people's gardens dumping multiple "cord" of firewood for winter's heating needs. Yes, the winters are chilly here, but with a Fire Orb, I think I could get rather interested in some firewood myself! From Prospect Heights, Illinois - designer Doug Garafalo has created the single most beautiful fireplace I have ever seen. Even the process of making it has been captured in beautiful photographic sequence. Pricey - yet - if you ask me, worth every penny. Who needs a "box" when you could have a beautiful orb warming your space? And at only 40 inches across, you can put it in YOUR space, no matter how small and it simply hangs from the ceiling. Originally seen at Pan-Dan at blogspot... seems she is moving to Switzerland and wants one too!

October 24, 2006

Potion Brand

Cool little San Fran company called Potion Brandjust made my day. I always am looking for a few neat modern cards for a couple of special friends that I send cards to at the holidays. Yeah, I agree, it is way too early to start all that, but hey, these have two of my requirements down. I love SQUARE cards and I love "off-reds" for the holidays. Give me red - red, alizarin and cadmium the rest of the year, but at the holidays, I want something spiffier. Here they are at Potion Brand

Immersive Design

Why not glass coasters with a bit of the lace inspired design too? Another Brit designer - Immersive Design, created a handy item which I use every day on my table - coasters. These would look great with most any table and dress up the hum-drum job of keeping moisture and heat from the surface. Contact them at their site for more designs and info. Hot and cool!

Beef Design

On the idea of lace ... but for the interior of your home, Beef Design creates these eco-friendly only "two of a kind" lamps from recycled sweater (jumper) sleeves. Yes, they are British too... Depending on the pattern, you could have a really amazing one of a kind lamp for ambient lighting in a room. Fun!

Jethro Macey

From the UK comes some of the most interesting ideas in pavers. As we are taking our time in figuring out step two of our remodel in the garden area I have been looking for pavers of a different sort. Something like this may be in the running! Jethro Macey and his "lace" pavers. Where our mahagony porch ends these might be just the ticket for the patio leading to the garden! Available in the UK from shops listed here at his site.

October 23, 2006

Free time

Knitting some of the loveliest yarn I have ever seen or felt. From natasha it is merino wool hand spun and hand dyed with a lovely color and well, it is helping my remedial knitting issue. This is how far I have gone. Doesn't look like a lot, but with all that keeps my hands busy, it is as far as I have ever gone. I can't wait to finish it. Does look rather smashing on my table runner from design*sponge shop though, doesn't it? Tonight is tackling the tinkerbell from hell costume. Living in a cooler climate makes for "issues" with children's costumes. Warmth vs. Style. I am pattern free and crazy to even attempt this as daughter #2 is a fashion diva. We'll see how it goes.
The word for the day is ...perseverance... as in keep at it.

October 22, 2006

Art to Wear wrapup

For those of you who tried to get something coherant from me in the past week, I apologize. It just got crazy! The art to wear show consumed me and all though I thought I could do it all, well, some things just didn't happen. Sometimes it is like that. What did happen was really great though and so here are some recap photos of yesterday's second art to wear. A few less visitors than last April, but the sales and the spirits were spectacular! It was a fun day with some beautiful work and unfortunately due to blogger having some issues, I could only get two items up to show you during the show. But I retained some of the special work from the vendors and am systematically putting it up in the shop - just check this week under new items. A huge thank you to all that participated and stopped by!
A special note: blogging buddy - Jen Davis from Portland, Maine stopped by with her lovely husband and adorable daughter Amalie to pick up some Diana Fayt pottery. Great to meet a reader as always and thrilled to send some of Diana's lovely work up to Maine. Thanks Jen! OK, on with the photos... enjoy! What now you ask? A little rest and relaxation with Rainer on this post - event - perfect Sunday in autumn today...
The word for the day is ... sweet ... as a little something chocolate, a tiny baby and a moment where it everything is just so perfect!

October 21, 2006

Pillows, Sake Cups, and more!

These are all now online in the shop. Click image to find them!

Art to Wear/Home Decor show today!

I will be posting some items from the show this morning which will link back to the shop.
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Check back! and have a wonderful Saturday...

October 20, 2006


She wanders the night in the mist. Where did he go? Looking for more wandering spirits?
Visit Illustration Friday.

October 19, 2006

Corey is out of the box...

something special and one of a kind from Corey ... a collage!

perhaps some music to tune up a mixed media work of your own?

or a whole packet of lovliness from the south of France?
I thought this post would be a perfect warm up for this weekend's release of "Marie Antoinette" and our art to wear show ... (more previews of good things to come later) but first.... the box...
Here is a sneak preview snippet of the box I received late yesterday from Corey Amaro of Tongue in Cheek! She has sent us 15 original photographs from her delightful blog which are going to be in our Nov/Dec exhibition window! Ooooh la la! French ephemera, french photos, french inspired words... it is so beautiful that you are not going to believe it. We have some work to do! Painting some walls next week and as the Tuscan orange sun is setting into a last century winter scene for the holidays. Just a peek for now ... more next week. We will have her packets of yummy vintage papers available online very soon in the shop - but be swift when they hit as they are very limited! We will also offer her luscious photographs, unframed and ready to ship worldwide too... We couldn't be more pleased!
Oh yes! and one more goodie ... sign up now for our newsletter from the shop and recieve a special coupon for the month of November for shopping! Yes a preferred sale for you loyal readers. Simply click here to register. Don't worry, we will never share your information nor do we send you more than one newletter a month.

October 18, 2006

Danny Mansmith, continued

all images from Danny Mansmith
There is so much to see of Danny Mansmith's work that I just couldn't leave you with just that small snippet. It really speaks to me... what do you think?
Here is his words about "The Process"

I use the sewing machine as a tool to put materials together, sort of like a collage. The idea of juxtaposition is really exiting to me, and I try to push myself to mix together different materials.

The idea of collage for me is sewing together paper, like junk mail, old newspapers and receipts, and other everyday items with fabric to make a number of pieces such as dolls; household objects, like cups and tea pots; to abstract shapes and garments that are not meant to be worn.

My affinity for the human figure has inspired me to make clothing. I see clothing as sculpture and art, and by experimenting and using mistakes that happen I sew together patch worked pieces of fabric to make up garments that I think appear to be more like sculpture or art rather than just a garment.

I find the process of making things with my hands in a improvisational manner really satisfying.

I couldn't agree more with his last sentance!

Danny Mansmith

lady and flower by Danny Mansmith photo by Danny Mansmith

Love this work (and a lot more) of Chicago artist Danny Mansmith. Have you seen him? There is a nice spread on him in FiberArts this month. His sculptures are full of wit and color and I love love love his ideas on mixed media. His studio SCRAP on Chicago's northside is a collection of original wildness made from everything under the sun.
He has some presense on the web right here at Etsy. Go see more! I really adore his use of coffee filters. This piece is available for sale at his shop. I really think that this defines my idea of original textile art.


the outdoor venue complete with seasonal heaters

calories galore -- too bad they don't do the foam top art... still it tasted terrific!

yummy windows full of "stuff"
Something newish ... in Portsmouth. An Italian coffee shop with pastries - this post inspired by Carol at Paris Breakfasts and dear Corey at Tongue in Cheek. I went to pick up some of my work at show's end at Market 100 gallery and we found this lovely little place with amazing coffees and pastries. Across the way was a place that Corey would love. C'est nais pas vrai?
There was really loud Italian mid century music wafting from the open door as well - fun! And this lovely chef serving it up with real flair!

Last days for outside coffees ... that's for sure!

October 17, 2006

Did you see?

Coe and Waito! love!

Paper Encaustic II

More of my paper encaustic series. Fall is a great time of year to be melting beeswax (ok, I like it anytime of year!) and so I was inspired by the colors outside of my window. What do you think? I am going to put them on some sort of floating backing. Just trying to decide what exactly ... This one is rather large - roughly, 12"x12".