March 29, 2007

{un} Limited upcoming...

Next show in the gallery on tap ...
Penelope Dullaghan, Lisa Congdon, Ashley G. ! You are all invited! We are so excited!

SPRINGTIME! ... finally...

There is one lump of stubborn snow in our yard, which I am now going to go ceremoniously dump the rest of the hot tea water on to, to melt it away!
OK, that's better.
Above is our spring bouqet of my dear friend Angela's omondieu! fleur rings, hair brooches and pins just flying into our shop and shelves this weekend to hearld in spring! A flower on your finger? yes! a flower in your hair? yes! a flower on your spring jacket? yes yes yes!
Can you tell I am a wee bit excited that the sun is shining and the promise of warmer weather is upon us?

March 28, 2007

Messy Fish

Paolo Fiorentini sent me a sweet little mail with this link to messyfish. It is full of fun softies (which don't ususally excite me) but their individuality struck a chord. They are not so sweet, and have personality in an increasingly homogonized online world. The wolves are great too. Born in Italy and landing in London, there is much Paolo has done. There is plenty of fabulous illustration and quality flash work to keep you interested for some time at his site. Thanks Paola for the link. Click here for some fun.

March 27, 2007

I spy

available watercolor and ink 8x8 inches 2007 susan schwake
two mice! eek!
For more I Spy... go to Illustration Friday.


a montage of prints from pretty.darn.swell
Pretty Darn Swell has announced that in their archive gallery you can still purchase some of your favorite artist's prints! My print from last month called "winter", is there as well as some cool prints from the likes of Amy Rice, (love her work!) and others. Check it out! I also have been asked for prints of my work, so DH and I have done some scrambling and paper research to get things in line to print them up. We are just about ready! My header - (Pandora's box) above has been requested, so that will be the first print.

March 26, 2007

Emma Cassi - Sale!

Emma Cassi is having a sale! I just love the romance that Emma Cassi evokes through her jewelry. It's not for MY everyday, but perhaps for yours? Either way, I love it and think that it celebrates the past with a modern twist. Last year I found Emma Cassi jewelry via Ullabenulla - who is having a contest to celebrate her 750th post! Hop over to both links and check out the lovliness. Today is melting winter away finally and I am seeing my primroses peek out. Can you believe we can finally turn our creative thoughts to gardening again?

March 25, 2007

Opening shots

Here is a mosaic of Friday night's opening. It was a nice turn out with people arriving a little later than usual, but it ended with a bang! Lots of fun and antics by all... and scarves and espresso cups going to a new home. Thanks to all who stopped in from afar to celebrate with us! Nice to meet so many new people from Manchester!

Saturday Art

, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Saturday marked the 10th year of the permanent children's art exhibit in the Rochester Public Library's children's room. It doesn't seem possible that ten years has flown by - but it has!
The artwork fills the room moving from board books and three and four year olds art up to the easy readers and then finishing with high school work over at the young adult section. It has brought me a great sense of honor to have worked with over a hundred children on this project and now after ten years, updating the work with young artists in 2007.
Today we made foam cut prints and are letting them dry under the "Wall of Monsters"
The children's room has graciously given me this wall to display children's work in a rotating manner (oh yes! another little gallery to curate!) and not only is it a honor to do so, but the students are thrilled!
Daughter Grace was only 8 years old when we did this the first time and today at 18 she helped me out with an extra set of experienced hands! My flickr account has a set of photos from the two weekends of work, if you are interested click here to see the project and the "Wall of Monsters".

The word of the day is... melt ... as in the extra snow we received last night, melting away the cares of the world, and some butter for a batch of muffins.

March 23, 2007

Tsk Tsk!

Tsk tsk, has the cutest shop at etsy - with the above little art work... Just spring like enough for me! Go have a look, there is so much goodness there! Even though I found mr. right, I like her version of "waiting for Mr. right"
Off to the opening preperations now -- look for photos later this weekend of the event. And do drop in if you are in the NH area!

The word for the day is ... plunge ... as take the plunge, go ahead, have some fun and try it!

Softies awards!

Medusa nematocysta
Over at gooseflesh - Helle Jorgensen's entry is absolutely breathtaking! Scroll through her blog to view more of her lovely lovely sea creatures! Vote here for your favorite!

March 22, 2007

front window

front window, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
Remember! Friday, March 23rd is the opening - due to last week's storm...
Hope to see you all here!

looking in at the tree which is just like the tree outside,
except with danny's scarves. which i am wearing one of the many we have...which are growing on the tree! I am partial to this pinky one... when I get a more appropriate model - I will show you some more!

March 21, 2007

Waiting for spring

waiting for spring mixed media 10 x 8 inches
Some new mixed media work that I have been preparing for an upcoming show. Maps, birds on the wire. All directions hopefully pointing to spring!
The word for the day is ... determined ... as in something which is needed for completion of mundane tasks, they way your chin may be "set" and how I feel about spring cleaning!

March 20, 2007

Spotlight review on Extreme Textiles

Danny Mansmith She doesn't miss what she has lost
available in our shop
A huge thank you to Ann Bryant for a thoughtful, well written review on our Extreme Textiles show in the Porstmouth Hearald. Merci! Read on here.

Final on Lovely Hearts! (finally)

Well, last week's bout of the flu and the crazy weather reschedule our lives hectic out of control week last week made our final count of the Lovely Hearts exhibition a little late. I am pleased to report that we at artstream are going to be writing a check for "$1300 to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!
Thank you all for participating, promoting, encouraging, buying, selling and most of all supporting our first Lovely Hearts exhibition. We made new friends, have done something significant and it was all because of YOU! Thank you all so very much again!

March 19, 2007

cannon to destroy conformity

by Danny Mansmith
The title says it all.
I want one.

Sofia Barao

Sofia Barao is a mixed media artist from France. She has a beautiful website (en Francais and English) and she has created the most beautiful short run prints on vintage French book pages for our shop for $20. It is so lovely and there are only three, so be quick!

Mail me art

Via Juxtapoz - a call for submissions at
Very cool. An excerpt from the guidelines:
"Submissions can be envelopes or packages which have been drawn on, painted , dipped in acid, covered in paper mache (anything you want really) but they must look amazing and they must have travelled though the post with the postman able to see the work, so you can’t paint a canvas and wrap it up and post it to me. The wrapping is your canvas or in most cases an envelope."
Why not? The word for the day is ... try ... as in JUST try, a little harder, come on, please?

March 18, 2007


Just a little photo today. i didn't take it. my husband did. of himself. i happen to love this photo. It was taken while we were in northern italy. Even at 11 p.m. at night it was still around 95F. I think it better warm up here soon, I am losing it. For some truly beautiful photographs, hop over to Susanna's Sketchbook. She will amaze you!

March 17, 2007

Total Birds

Ah the snow and the sleet of it all... a foot to be exact! Lots of winter left in New Hampshire. Gave me lots of time to draw. So I drew a dozen new birds on this luscious card stock in deep colors. The set total is twelve. I popped them into flickr and they will be in the shop for $10. It's also my IF entry. Total birds. I can dream of spring at least...

March 16, 2007

Snow snow snow show show Show

postcard designed by Rainer for the show
More snow in Boston heading our way soon ... sadly we have to postpone our grand opening of "Extreme Textiles" until NEXT Friday from 5:30 -7:30 p.m. Hope to see you all here as it is such a fun show. Darn old New England weather making snow when we are supposed to be seeing sprouts shooting up!
In the mean time, I am busy with BizBox on Slate - hop on over and check out the business tips there.
With the snowboundness of things here I will be getting lots of new goodies from Danny Mansmith, Leigh Pennebaker, Alyssa Ettinger, Livia Coloji and Kimberly Lyford into the shop. I hope everyone else is enjoying spring ... somewhere!

March 15, 2007

Glass paperweights

We have a local glass blower making some pretty swirly old fashioned paperweights for the gallery. I love her use of simple color captured in the glass. Each piece is completely different and they are all an affordable $34. A nice splash of color for your desk, something to daydream with while planning your next moves and they also reflect your image slightly, to remind you to get back to work! In our shop under Glass Works.
Today is busy with the finishing touches going on my next Biz Box post. Check out David from Bluehouse's post on raising capital.
The word for the day is ... drip ... like the rain, the faucet and the espresso maker.

March 14, 2007

Julie Marie at etsy

I just love these notes from JulieMarie which I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Her work is so clean and simple. They are really great for any occasion. Like writing... a note or two which is on my short list. Visit her shop and see her new Magnolia cards. Lovely!

Street Angel

by Danny Mansmith 10 inches square

This piece is just so perfect in every way. The color, composition and lines inspire me! The distressed frame fits the work well. Just another wonderment at the Extreme Textile show...


by Kimberly Lyford 4 feet by 5 feet

A mixed media quilt which is almost all in white tones. Very hard to capture with a photograph but emits ooohs and ahhs from each and every visitor to the gallery. Truly an amazing work.

March 13, 2007


5x7 inch acrylic painting on an old map
Wired for spring. birds returning. warmth gathering. hooray for spring!
Illustration Friday prompted this little painting. get wired at IF.

Pretty Pattern

I just think these are wonderful. Over at ReproDepot, Echino newbies.

March 12, 2007

Art Moco

Thanks to Art Moco for the kind words about Extreme Textiles!

Toothpaste for dinner

OK, As a gallery we are seriously committed to installations, we exhibit at least one a year at the please do not take this seriously. My daughter posted it on her "myspace" and introduced it to me. That's what a mother gets for taking her children to see Documenta 11.
This cartoonist makes me laugh. Go here for more fun. ha!

Art, just do it.

Creative weekends filled with art of all kinds. Saturday was another installation in the library art project which I did 10 years ago. We have begun the revamp - with some new artwork from children artists. This weekend we painted. Next weekend we will do some printmaking. It will all be installed into the current permanant exhibition which is really stunning. Will photograph that to show later when we hang the new work. I love children's art hanging in public spaces. It is always fresh, it is always real. The work created is in my flickr hanging out over on the side bar, if you are interested. It will fill up as we go along. Daughter Grace had a big dance celebration this weekend with Elysium Dance Project. She was dancing in 7 numbers, including this lovely pointe number from Puss in Boots from Sleeping Beauty. She was amazing and the entire show was so beautiful. (she's the white kitty)Portsmouth Hearald arts writer Ann Bryant stopped by for a look-see at the Extreme Textiles Show. Isn't she cute? Thank you Ann!! She couldn't resist the lovely Danny Mansmith cuffs and Sheri Burhoe knitted rings. Speaking of knitting... Have you seen these? Alyssa Ettinger's knitware porcelain just continues to awe us with the beauty of the patterns and feel of each piece of work. Over in the shop right now -- they are popping up as we go.
This tall cup is $34 and is available here. More of the same (but different as each one is made by hand)
Did I mention we had some amazing bracelets and cuffs from Danny Mansmith? Look at this mermaid corsage bracelet! There is the fish one just off to the side. Both available here. There is more. Much more. But I will save that for a bit later. The word for the day is
appreciate, as in all the good things in life, like family, friends, community and the arts. And sunshine? Did I mention the glorious sunshine?

March 09, 2007

Illustration Friday Blog!

how wonderful is this? Totally. Was thrilled to hear Rama Hughes was part of this too, because I think his work rocks. Along with totally wonderful others:
Penelope Dullaghan
Kate Hamilton
Rama Hughes
Steve Mack
Brianna Privett
Josh Sears
Melanie Ford Wilson
Amanda Woodward
It's all good! Got the car. Got the flu, got to get some rest. Lots to do. More later, if possible!

March 08, 2007

Seclected works from Extreme Textiles

bracelet by danny mansmith, $55 4 inches by 2.5 inches

Today is overly booked with car buying, uploading, shop adding, teaching, and getting over the flu. But not so busy that I can't show you a few highlights from the show!
Here is one of the many beautiful bracelets we have from Danny Mansmith. They will all be up in the shop in the art to wear section, over the next days, so check back there to see each of them and more lovlieness from the exhibit.
If you can't wait, stop over to my flickr account and scan through the set - Extreme Textiles.
We also have two new paintings from Ashley Goldberg. Did I mention I was taking photos today too?
Have a wonderful sunny day - where ever you may be!

March 07, 2007

Livia Coloji

We have a new artist in our shop and gallery - Livia Coloji from Romania. She is a graphic designer and painter alike. Her work is tiny, lovely, full of fun and very affordable. They are all acrylic on small pieces of wood and many of the works run around the sides. Here is the group above and a couple of favs below. Look for them in our shop under Fine Art! Welcome aboard Livia!

March 06, 2007

Biz Box on Slate

The time has come! The cartoons are up and Andrew Krause starts the ball rolling with a great article on Small Business - Entrepreneurship. A great read for artists and those wanting to start or restart a business.
edit: All of our first stories about our businesses are up now here if you are wanting to take a peek!

Extreme Textiles

Extreme Textiles: hooray! It's up! Go to flickr to see more of the works. It rocks, it rolls, it'll make you think. Thinking is good - pretty is nice, thinking is good. Both together is a bonus. This show is full of bonuses.

March 05, 2007

Om Home

Oorbee from Om Home dropped me a a note this morning about their success at the IDS. I think their new linens are smashing and worth a look! Click to see the new pillows, placemats and napkins they have available.

March 04, 2007

Kerf Designs

Lately, I've been looking around the web for alternative kitchen cabinets which are non traditional in shape and materials. I found Kerf designs out of Seattle. I really love the simple beauty and I found their line of furniture was intriguing! I love their colorways as well as their use of plywood.
Often I paint on birch plywood instead of canvas and find it's color and ultra smooth texture very appealing. I prefer a smooth surface in the kitchen, so their cabinets might be a perfect solution. Love their table too - with the shot of color on top!
Here is a link to their site with more information.