March 15, 2007

Glass paperweights

We have a local glass blower making some pretty swirly old fashioned paperweights for the gallery. I love her use of simple color captured in the glass. Each piece is completely different and they are all an affordable $34. A nice splash of color for your desk, something to daydream with while planning your next moves and they also reflect your image slightly, to remind you to get back to work! In our shop under Glass Works.
Today is busy with the finishing touches going on my next Biz Box post. Check out David from Bluehouse's post on raising capital.
The word for the day is ... drip ... like the rain, the faucet and the espresso maker.


andrea said...

This is lovely. A local glass blower named Robert Held makes fabuolous paperwights that would've been great for Lovely Hearts (I have one). Check them out here:

Anonymous said...

Very pretty and useful too.Gotta love that.