June 28, 2011

Studio visit: Megan Bogonovich

No words to describe the incredible workings going on in Megan's studio today. But more little peeks to appear over the summer.
She's working on some big beautiful sculptures which defy explanation right now.
Just think fun. Which is what summer is all about anyway - right? What's fun over there in your world?

June 26, 2011

Summertime classes begin ...

Sylvia is missing by Molly Bosley available here
Hello Sunday evening, all midsummery and wonderfully warm again! Putting away my warmer blankets, (again), throwing open the windows to let the frog and bird sounds drift though the house makes me feel like this time, Summer is finally going to stay.

Tomorrow at artstream our summer classes begin! It's always exciting to have new and old faces combine in the classroom with short sleeves (no rolling up necessary!) and sometimes the back door flung open to hear the rushing of the river. There is still time to sign up for an evening teen or adult class and a couple of spots in my printmaking class... don't hesitate to phone or email me if you have questions about the classes. And! oh yes - special interest in photography? Meryl Truett will be here on the 15 and 16th of July with two SPECTACULAR workshops! Sign up until 7/6 for her workshops. Check us out on facebook for upcoming events, promotions and news too.

And a little update on my book ... it's almost finished and that is the most exciting news of the day! Of course it's not available until March 2012, but still ... it's coming along! Hopefully I can give you all a little peek at part of it at some point soon.

June 24, 2011

Illustration Friday : Midsummer night

wistful mixed media 8x8 inches
It's been simply forever since I contributed to IF. So here's my entry for this week's prompt: Midsummer night. I love the sound, the actual play and everything surrounding those words.
It's a cold wet dark day here in NH for the beginning of summer, so I will just imagine for now that a warm summer's evening was coming tonight. Tomorrow we have a lovely troop of Daisies coming to visit the gallery. That should be sunny enough! Enjoy your weekend ...

June 22, 2011

Susanna Allen Hunter quilts

Visted the Daintyville blog today (via the fabulous Ann Wood) and found an incredible slide show of Susanna Allen Hunter quilts - a beautiful pause in today... which today by the way, on it's own is simply fantastic. What's up in your neck of the woods today?

June 16, 2011

The Wild Blue Yonder: a walk through Summer!

erik boettcher
linda plaisted

lindy carroll
lindy carroll
Ah Summer again here in NH ... let's take a short jaunt...
Scenes as seen from up close in the gallery. (paintings by Lindy Carroll, Mixed media by Linda Plaisted and Erik Boettcher) All available for purchase right here in the shop!

June 15, 2011

Coconut Cake

I had to post this link to the best coconut cake I have ever had! Made the above cake for Chloe's birthday and there were nothing but rave reviews by all. Thanks to Kristina from In the Kitchen With at design*sponge, for her pointing me in the right direction of this recipe! Try it, you will be amazed! Double it for two 9 inch layers. I didn't go for the 7 minute frosting but added a vanilla frosting with the unsweetened coconut in between and sprinkled sweetened coconut on top. Seriously delish.

I had to add in this extra shot of the birthday girl exercising her mad sewing skills on her new machine ... she was into the cake for sure, but it was the machine which captured her attention!

June 14, 2011

Kathi Smith: A closer look

You just have to see these pieces up closely. So much to see. Part of The Wild Blue Yonder exhibition going on right now at artstream. Do drop in!

June 13, 2011

New work space

New work space, a photo by artstreamstudios on Flickr.

Been spiffing up the kitchen. A new workspace for all of us! Some will use computers here and others will eat here and others will do homework here...

June 10, 2011

Art Esprit (the nonprofit org) new project!

Hello Friday ... It's been a week, a full one filled with a carnival of lovely art (just take a look above and below at what is in our gallery right now!)
and lots of great news on my book (it's coming along nicely!) as well as gearing down from school classes (we had our traditional end of the year exhibition at the RPL) and well, gearing UP for the summer classes ...
Bonus time: Last Saturday Art Esprit - the Greater Rochester non profit for literary and visual arts (yes the same name as this blog!)
created a sculpture with 500 panels from the community!! It's incredible.
Please take a moment and pop over to see it here online or stop by on your way to Rochester. So much arty goodness in this little city! Read all about it here at the WIRE NH too -- should be up after 6/11/11 ...