August 24, 2009

Beautiful Nature :: one of TWO exhibits in September!

A little  sneak peek of our upcoming show (one of TWO!) in September. For all of you readers, it's ready to preview on the shop today!
These little beauties are each gems like paintings in two very different styles. Albina's gone graphic, and Rita's work is soft. Browse through the show at flickr if you want to see them more enlarged - each one is a knock out!

August 22, 2009

The fabulous toast server ...

Yes, I am a huge fan of the flohmarkt. .. the German version of our fleamarkets. It's a visual overload feast for the eyes with the bonus of exercise with the walking path being so very very long. If you were looking for antlers, they had them, mid century vases and ceramics - yup, lots of fabulous lamps and books, beads and baubles, antique posie books and papers, lots of bits and bobs and textiles from many different decades. I didn't even look at the furniture as it was impossible to think about sending it over, but there was plenty very cool items I would have loved to send stateside!
It was a glorious day last Saturday with extra sunshine, lots of little cooling breezes and a very patient and loving husband carrying all the finds along the way. We even found a replacement Villery and Boch teapot for my mother in law who had her beloved one broken recently! Yes, you can find it at the flohmarkt. Even if you are not looking.

August 19, 2009

currywurst and pommes rot/weiss

A fun little stop on one of our bike journeys in Germany. Curry Wurst and Pommes (french fries) rot/weiss (catsup and mayo) are not for the faint of heart. But yummy none the less.
We landed last night back in NH and enjoying the sunshine and trying to get our head around being back at work.
That's all the energy for now - but click through the photo if you would like to see more of our trip. I still have "one reel" ha ha ha left on my digi plus some great videos which will have to upload somewhere at some point.
Enjoy the summer-ness which is today!

August 14, 2009

In Baden-Baden

There is a wonderful friend named Angela. Her home reflects her beauty and her love all that is white and sparkly - (just like her personality!) Rainer and I spent two days at the famous spa at Baden-Baden getting treatments and experiencing the naked baths of the Friedrichsbad, 17 stations of hotsprings, saunas and steambaths combined with bubbling waters and cool pools set in antique tiled vaulted ceiling rooms and coming out feeling renewed.
It's not for everyone, but honestly it was the best thing I have ever done. Just letting the soul swing - die seele baumeln lassen. That was enough for me.
Angie has some fine affirmations dotted around her home - my favorite is of course "viva la hausfrau" ! Need I say more? Tschuss for now - the bikes await!

August 08, 2009

Party party

A tent went up for the birthday party of my father in law and the weather cooperated perfectly for the event yesterday here in the Muensterland! I love coming to visit our family here, enjoying life in the slower lane, helping my German language along and of course enjoying the yummy foods of the country. The catering service did a beautiful job with the food and Rainer and I made a lot of floral centerpieces for each of the tables with instruction from his mom. Something I have never tried, but had so much fun learning and all the flowers came straight from her garden!
Anyway, if you want to follow along with our travels, just click through to our flickr account. Happy weekending!

August 03, 2009

Summertime fun

A simple hello from the road. Wifi service on the way to the airport really has been great here to catch up from last week's time at Cape Cod. No posts, just sunny beaches.
We enjoyed a lovely party on Saturday night for my birthday. It was thrown by Mary-Jo who had pulled out all the stops for me ... Photos are of course on my camera at home. No bulky nikon on this trip. I am going for light and easy. The photos should still be forthcoming in normal fashion, just less quality!

And so, we are off now to Madrid and then to Dusseldorf for our time alone and with family. Stopping down to Baden-Baden for some spa time and more importantly a visit with Angela from omondieu! Will post photos at flckr as we go and try and keep up with some nice hot design and art spots from the road. Checking in here with those and highlights from shows at artstream and my own at Kimball Jenkins - Dreaming Seasons.

How are you going to spend the next weeks? I hope it is wonderful wherever you are!