August 14, 2009

In Baden-Baden

There is a wonderful friend named Angela. Her home reflects her beauty and her love all that is white and sparkly - (just like her personality!) Rainer and I spent two days at the famous spa at Baden-Baden getting treatments and experiencing the naked baths of the Friedrichsbad, 17 stations of hotsprings, saunas and steambaths combined with bubbling waters and cool pools set in antique tiled vaulted ceiling rooms and coming out feeling renewed.
It's not for everyone, but honestly it was the best thing I have ever done. Just letting the soul swing - die seele baumeln lassen. That was enough for me.
Angie has some fine affirmations dotted around her home - my favorite is of course "viva la hausfrau" ! Need I say more? Tschuss for now - the bikes await!

1 comment:

angela said...

oh dear you... it was so wonderful having you and rainer over! i didn't want to let the two of you go!

and yes... "kuchen macht gl├╝cklich"

loves to you...