June 23, 2010

Patchwork pattern maker

Whoa! Sometimes something so great comes along that you just have to spend a little too much time fooling around with it. Such is the great find via Whipup - The Patchwork Pattern Maker
It's a tool which I might just have to use to make my second quilt for daughter Chloe later this summer. She wants a black and white quilt with one spot of color - so maybe I will just have her zip me up a drawing for the pattern maker to create! Or maybe I will use the above pattern I just made using one of my photoshopped photographs ... hmm, that might be a bit much! Anyway, this tool is simply too much fun - try it!

June 21, 2010

Megan Bogonovich :: Deerakeete

Deerakeete, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Who doesn't need a sweet little deer a keete in their home? Hop over to the shop to find it for sale now and check out it's other little friends ... they are all a little strange and wonderful!

It's summer people ... that special time which we in the New England area dream of for the other 9 months. So sweet it is! Hope your Monday is spectacular!

June 19, 2010

The Rochester Opera House

Hello Saturday! It is a wonderful warm weekend here - today we pulled up a few of our radishes (yes, we got a late start ...) and some of the mustard spinach will be our lunch I believe.

Last night Mary Jo and I spend the early evening at a gala at the Rochester Opera House. What an evening filled with celebration of our city's crown jewel. It is 102 years old and fully restored and boasts the only moving floor (from raised slanted with seating to flat dancefloor) mechanism in the entire world. It's been a few years since I was on the board and I was completely wowed with the distance that Cathy Taylor and her crew have come in restoring this magnificent historical gem.
The years ahead will bring so much entertainment and culture to our city if everyone pulls together to make it happen.

Other news: upcoming exhibition with Amy Ruppel and her magnificent black wax encaustics are upon the horizon!

June 17, 2010

Children's artwork

Focus on Chloe. Daughter Chloe brought home a couple of works from this semester's art classes and sort of blew us away. This elephant is made from paper mache and paper towels, (for wrinkles she added) and lots of hours of painting. Going up in our new entry way as it just pulls you into the room. Apparently it's going to be one of many new animals gracing our room as she loves trophy rooms (as an idea - not an actuality) and paper mache animals are pretty cool.

June 15, 2010

New Foundling jewelry in the shop

Foundling jewelry is so beautiful, so perfect for giving that it is always exciting to open new packages from Betsy when it arrives. This piece is no exception - Lucky indeed who receives this necklace. Available in our shop right here! I hope everyone is enjoying the incredible sunshine we are experiencing here in NH. It just makes my heart sing!

June 14, 2010

About last week ... what a time it was!

Broken bones and sweet 16 parties on the heels of a public art exhibition launch and a gallery show both for me and for artstream. Hello Monday! How did you take so long to get here?
My mom broke her shoulder in two places last week, just in time for daughter Chloe's 16th birthday bash and an opening of my work over at Lucy's Art Emporium. phew. Exhausted ? You bet!

But mom is on the mend and Chloe's party was a smash hit, she was so happy about it and her friends had a great time too. So what's to complain about? Not much! Looking forward to getting back to normal this week and flex some art skills around the studio. Peeks into new work coming out of the kiln by Megan Bogonovich, scenes from tonight's upcoming end of the year student art show and much more. Stay tuned and happy Monday!

June 07, 2010

new work from -- me!

8x8x1 inch mixed media "plan" on cradled panel

5x5x2 "sulk" mixed media on paper, framed
Hello all - it's been a whirlwind of activity here at the gallery and personally. Daughter Grace returned home from France this past week, we launched the new Rocks project and opened a new show with Dustan Knight! Personally I finished up some new pieces and have them over in San Francisco at Rare Device, some new birds at Lucy's Art Emporium in Dover for a show this month and new "little black dresses and birds" here at artstream. So yah. I've been busy. Just a little peek at the birds and black dresses ones - Daisy will be showing you more at facebook I think and you can get the ones from artstream right in our shop! Happy sunny Monday!

June 02, 2010

Dustan Knight : "Lush"

Dustan Knight "lush", originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Spring is here and really, it feels almost like summer with the extreme warm weather... perfect time to invite Dustan Knight into the gallery.
Click through the photo to see all of her works which we will unveil in both the shop and the gallery on Friday!
Busy busy here -- daughter Grace arrived home from France and welll, we have got some catching up to do!