September 21, 2012

News, newsy and very exciting...

Evening Tide mixed media 12x24

It's been a hectic week now that we're back at home - but with all good stuff. New classes opened this week at artstream and I have been preparing for them along with some other new beginnings! First off I

am thrilled to announce that I have a new print at the Working Proof.  It's called Evening Tide and is also a new painting that  will also be included in our upcoming exhibit Beautiful Decay. This exhibit will go up next week and open in our newly refreshed main gallery.  Rainer and I are now the sole owners of artstream and we have been working on a new look for the gallery, a new website (stay tuned!) and personally I have been putting the finishing touches on a series of paintings for this show and another in Portsmouth, NH's 100 Market.

I hope that you all will stop by either online or during our Art Stroll to see the sights! Oh yes, and it's not too late to pop into one of our classes either - we get off to a rolling start! Give us a shout!

Time away, well spent

Dolores Park on a Sunday in September
Rainer and I just arrived back a week ago from a wonderful respite to the Bay Area. I taught a workshop at The Teahouse Studio and enjoyed an author's night with two of the most beautiful talented ladies I know, Lisa Solomon and Mati Rose. They also have books from Quarry which just came out this summer. Lisa's Knot, Thread, Stitch is an inspiring book about alternative embroidery techniques and Mati's Daring Adventures in Paint gets you going again ... I know it does because it helped me get back my flow and restart my painting again!

my Playful printmaking class at Teahouse
Thinking about restart, reminds me of Reconnect - a course that Mati and her friend Willo are teaching right now. You can still get in on this ecourse by registering here!
Author's night at Teahouse

Students hard at work!
Rainer and I enjoyed some days traveling around the city to see the sights, the beaches and the woods surrounding the Bay Area. We didn't see it all, we picked a few places and immersed ourselves in them and each other. If you know us personally - well you knew that it was over due. It was also a "walk about" which is something we do no matter where we go. Sore feet come with city visits! And we welcome them ...

Exploring Baker Beach
Our last days we went to Muir woods. There are no words to express the feeling that I got when entering this ancient place. It was like no other place I have been before and it is a place I would like to go back to again. I feel so lucky to have had this time in such a special place!
Muir Woods!

September 06, 2012

Classes begin September 17th

Clay bird made in our afterschool art class!

There is still time to sign up with us for classes beginning September 17th! We have a special discount at during our registration days. Click through to our site to view the days and times we are offering them! Get arty with us this year and explore the creative side of YOU!

September 04, 2012

Summer memories

smiling blooms greet us

heart-y fruit loves us

juicy veggies feed us

Oh summer -- you were wonderful! 

September 03, 2012

Scribble drawings with college students

My good friend Claude Caswell drops by with his creativity class every year. I enjoy meeting these college students and exploring their creativity in the visual arts. Usually most of these students have not had much experience with visual art and this group was no exception. So off to scribbling we went ...
first time drawing anything

busy group
Some of them had not ever drawn anything and were very apprehensive. But they were all willing to try some scribbling...

They made very individual drawings with each of the scribbles they first created

and all of the drawings were cut out and mounted on black paper to make them stand out even more...

Strange and wonderful animals appeared where only pencil marks began it all...

Even the professor found a beautiful folkloric animal!

Class shot at the end - fun times and lots of happy artists.