February 28, 2012

Inspired by - an exhibition from Art Lab for Kids

This Saturday, March 3rd from 5-8 p.m. at artstream, we will open our next exhibition: "Inspired By"
This exhibit will feature the contributing artists from my new book Art Lab for Kids - and the work they inspired by student artists. It's a milestone in my life to have created this book, filled with lessons that I have taught over the past 18 years. 
It's exciting and fulfilling to see the pages of my students photographed by my husband Rainer. His talents know no bounds! I hope that you will be able to stop by on Saturday for a view of the exhibit. I will promise to have a few photographers on hand too for some special "photo ops" of the opening, to post some of the festivities in full swing, for those of you far away ... 

I thought I would leave you with two examples straight from the pages:
a photograph of student work from my book Art Lab for Kids
My husband Rainer created beautiful photographs for my book.

artwork by Flossy-P inspired the above student work
For those of you who already own the book, thank you for your support! Thank you too, for the great feedback! Wishing you all a wonderfully creative day...

February 22, 2012

Student work and workshops!

Some fantastic work from our students in the Monday and Tuesday class... these clay tiles are so much fun to make - especially in their likeness!

Looking forward to a lot of fun this weekend - Friday night is RAW night at artstream with an open ended bring your own project and get down with us night from 6-9. Psyanky egg workshop on Saturday from 130-430 - still some room, so bring the whole family! Sunday I  have one spot left in the encaustic tiny adventures workshop and you are welcomed to join it - call or email us 603-330-0333.

New books in the mail to review - stay tuned later in the week for "Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design" by Laurie Wisbrun. First impression: AMAZING!

February 07, 2012

Views from the gallery

 scenes from the Opening on 2/4 Art Stroll 
 Penelope Dullaghan's work on the corner walls 
 The Queen by Amber Lavalley  in the window
 Guests around the table at the show
 A visit from the amazing Katy Brown Solsky and Chico!
One of the beautiful Jutta Spinner works on exhibition right now! See more at the exhibition online in our shop!

February 01, 2012


batik 3 by artstreamstudios
batik 3, a photo by artstreamstudios on Flickr.
Just another fantastic piece of art from Owen. This lesson is part of my Art Lab for Kids book. It's fun and it's really something all ages can enjoy!


Jutta Spinner  "rabbit"
Feb. 1 good luck to all!
and it's here at last! and so fast ...
Reminders for this month:
New classes and workshops begin the 6th at artstream. Art stroll is this weekend - don't forget! Saturday from 5:30 onwards and you can come by and get a copy of my book and I will sign it for you too!

a stack of my books!

a stack of my books! by artstreamstudios
a stack of my books!, a photo by artstreamstudios on Flickr.

On the shelf, ready to go! Stop in for a copy - I will be happy to sign it for you too!