September 27, 2010

Autumn goodness

Autumn is totally in the air today - there as cool weather, drizzle and fantastic red and yellow leaves all over the ground. The drizzle actually added that contrast to the color for me, as much as I hated to put on an extra layer and rain gear to go walking today! Especially after the 87F Saturday we enjoyed at Mattie and Sean's wedding. Phew. What a difference a day makes here in New England. But I digress. So much great autumn like work floating in the doors! Here are a couple of peeks at some of the work in the new show - Ceramics by Monica Leap. A pumpkin tureen for soup or candy or ?

September 24, 2010

Last week of Modern Machinery

Jump in and look around the gallery as it's the last chance for Modern Machinery by Tim Wirth! The above piece is drawing me in with autumn in full swing here. Just one of the many in this exhibition which would look amazing on most any wall ...

September 23, 2010

Hello Autumn!

Today it seems that fall has begun - the trees are turning, the nip in the air, and the smell of wood smoke wafting in my still open windows. It started with a couple of crimson streaks across the eastern part of my view this morning. Peeking through the slit in the curtains it was rather alarming. Of course everything is alarming at 6 a.m. to me.

Should have snapped a shot but instead thought about the to-do list. One of those things I have vowed to do this year is to stop awhile and count myself lucky for all the good around me. I have to start with my husband. He is our steadfast port here at artstream and at home too. No gushing fest here - but we have to say - he rocks! Here he is with his sister last week, cutting up per ususal, keeping it light. What rocks your world?

September 22, 2010

Molly Bosley

More work from Molly Bosley coming in for the October show! It's a wonderful mix of people and places so it fits so well with the theme: Places to go, People to see. I can't wait to have these up on the wall!

La Photo Cabine

via Jan on twitter at PoppytalkFont size!
Oh dear - there went 15 golden minutes playing at La Photo Cabine! I would like to get most of my "seat work" done today and go out into the golden New Hampshire sunshine this afternoon ... at least before my classes begin later! What are you doing to enjoy this fabulous Wednesday?

September 21, 2010

Places to go People to see - opens October 1st

Very excited to open this show in a couple of weeks! Amazing photographs of Acadia Maine by the uber talented Linda Plaisted! New works by Mark Ruddy which embody this beautiful season here in New Hampshire. Brand new canisters with mod glaze work by Megan Bogonovich and the return of Molly Bosley with her embroidery work and papercuts. Oh what a beautiful scene this will soon be! Will be previewing it soon here, on flickr and of course FB.

September 20, 2010

Birds on the Wires

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

One of my monotypes of "birds on the wire" was sold to a woman named Zoe in Australia a few years back. She just sent me this lovely video which made my morning! None of the birds were photoshopped or changed in the process - a lovely little tune from nature herself! Thank you Zoe!!

September 17, 2010

Birken a picture for an exhibition

ethereal birches by susan schwake 20x20 inches acrylic/canvas
I was invited to join an exhibition entitled Mesteceni/Birken/Birches which opens at the end of 2010 at The Art Museum Timsoara, Romania. Elisabeth Ochsenfeld organized this invitational and I was thrilled to be a part of it. The works are all about birch trees, their symbolic meanings and their esthetic. Each piece is 50cm x50cm so there will be a second unifying parameter. I can't wait to see them all together in photographs to see what everyone came up with! My piece is acrylic on canvas and is called Ethereal birches.

September 15, 2010

Lisa Congdon - Five Sails

It's a clear sailing day today, so I thought I would share Lisa Congdon's lovely Five Sails here with you! It's fresh in the shop and ready to sail away to you. Happy blue skies!

September 14, 2010

Old shaker - new Twist

Today I found one of our tallest sunflowers broken down by squirrels! They also ate our pumpkin which made me none too happy either. I plucked the remaining blooms off the plant and went inside for a small vase. I passed the small "Italian" shaker which had just been washed clean of it's crushed red peppers and thought - ah- ha! That would make a splendid vase. And it did. Looking forward to our first clay class tonight with lots of new projects on hand. What are you up to this Tuesday evening?

September 10, 2010

A little Friday autumn fun!

mark ruddy new works
one of my new little worlds
our little pumpkin
End of the week so soon? yay! Here are a few photos to usher in the weekend. Love this time of year in New Hampshire. In the 603 we are all set for everything autumn, everything crisp and cool! Check out our shop for the works above...

September 07, 2010

Art Weekend news ...

The Art Weekend - coming to artstream October 15-17th this year! We have had a lot of inquiries about lodging, transportation and can they pay half down and half later? The answers are yes!
Lodging is available from the nearby Governor's Inn and Holiday Inn Express - need a ride from the airport or bus terminal? Just email us! Feel free to pay half now and the remainder before October 14th - right here. Looking forward to this exciting event!

September 06, 2010

and the WINNER is ...

Chosen by the generator ... the winner of the Polli Giveaway is ... No. 5 ! Jill Nalette!
So, she will be receiving the beautiful Polli garland. I like giveaways! I might just have to be adding this to a more regular schedule of events here at art esprit!


hilde/rainer, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Just a quick Happy Labor day post from a most wonderful weekend. Hilde arrived and just look how happy things are here. Lots of fun spent outside and chatting...
Hope everyone has had a wonderful time this weekend too!

September 03, 2010

Labor day weekend!

Sorting out summer, one rock collection at a time. It's hard to let summer go, but let's do it with a bang! right? ... isn't that why they invented Labor day weekend?
Nothing like it- a wonderfully long weekend to send the summer properly out in style! Bonus however this year we have dear Hilde - Rainer's sister visiting us for two weeks! We are thrilled to have her here especially this time of year... We are planning some fun touristing trips around our area and this weekend will be spent with family!

Just a reminder on a couple of fronts -don't forget to toss your name in the hat for the Polli giveaway! Polli has made these incredible holiday decorations: eco friendly and just like their beautiful jewelry pieces ... stunning! hop over to my giveaway to get your name in before next Monday!
And.....Our registration is open for The Art Weekend! Remember - you can sign up now and pay half and then pay the remainder by October 14th. Come on along, it's going to be a wonderful time!

September 01, 2010

September begins!

late autumn by Mark Ruddy
George Jones by Mark Ruddy
untitled by Mark Ruddy

Even though we dabbled our toes in the Atlantic yesterday and withstood 94 degree weather, September comes in today with the first day of school. Here are a few images of work in our gallery, which speak to the beginning of the most beautiful season here in New Hampshire - Autumn! Here's to a wonderful month of cooler days and crisp evenings with an occasional chance to dip our toes back into the waters!