March 31, 2008

Darryl Berger new work

"we have brand new mullahs" by Darryl Berger. Too good to not post about. Still working on the podcast Darryl and I did a couple of week's back. Last day of the show will actually be tomorrow April Fool's day. A couple of people wanted to pop by and didn't make it today - so here's your chance folks!
This piece is not in the show, but I just love it.

March 29, 2008

New little solo show

new little solo show, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Just popping in to invite you all to take a peek if you are in the Rollinsford, NH area at some new work of mine going up for the month of April at the fabulous Black Bean Cafe.
If you are interested in any of the works, you can call the cafe - at 603-744-4555! Drop by Phil's new blog too and see what he is up to right here.
Click through the photo postcard to view the work at my flickr. I will be adding the pieces as they are photographed.
Happy weekend friends!

March 27, 2008

Red hydrant

red hydrant, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Yes, this was taken on my morning walk yesterday.
an infamous snowbank which huddled around the hydrant.
notice the extra soft flakes which fell the night before to add that
woops! it's almost april look.

Luckily I found the red so enchanting I almost forgot it was spring.

March 26, 2008

Stories and Tales

alena hennessy

abby glassenberg

tara hogan
We have been absolutely thrilled with the response to our Stories and Tales exhibition. It really does feel a bit like spring when you enter the gallery and walk through the colors and birds and images of a warmer month. Our snowbanks are still ruling the roads here in New Hampshire, but there is plenty of hope inside our doors. Thank you to all who have stopped in and have called. There is still some time left for the exhibition so pop over here at the shop to see what it's all about.

March 25, 2008


I've been working on a new set of collages based on fruit. Yes, Fruit. Spring can't come quickly enough for me this year and I have been incorporating some of the images from the USDA catalogs from the 1920's into my work.

They will be shown in a little upcoming show I am having at the yummy and wonderful Black Bean Cafe in Rollinsford, NH. Along with them will be some other new experiments with watercolor and ink on canvas. Will show all soon!
Stay tuned this week for another artist's podcast - this time with the witty and effervescent Darryl Berger from Canada. Thank you all for the wonderful kind remarks on Ulla's interview. She is utterly fascinating!

March 24, 2008


Over at Etsy this morning I found the most spring-like pincushion - from the seller Ottoman.
I think this could perk up a sewing table fast! Wouldn't some little flower headed pins add to the woodland feel? Can you tell I am still doing the snow melt dance here?
I just love felted work and these are simply perfect!

March 19, 2008

Ulla Milbrath - Artist Interview

I am absolutely thrilled to present Ulla Milbrath from the wonderful Ullabenulla blog today at art esprit. Ulla has been a source of daily inspiration and kindred spirit to me for the past three years. Her creativity knows no bounds. Her love of teaching and her own magnificent repertoire of beautiful work from cut paper, porcelain painting, jewelry making, to folkloric sculptures simply amaze! I highly encourage you to explore Ulla's fabulous blog - it is a trip through wonderland and each turn brings you to an absolutely fabulous visual treat. She also stocks a little Etsy shop now and again too... and for those of you in the Berkeley area - she teaches at Castle in the Air!
Thank you so much Ulla!

Susan: Tell us a little about your past as a child and influences early on.

Ulla: This could be the whole interview – LOL! I had a fabulous childhood, a true ‘Gypsy’ childhood, of world traveling, adventures, art, and alternative education. My father was a publisher, and sold his works mainly to University’s across the world. My mother had studied as an Interior Designer, but chose to spend these early years designing and painting clothing, which she sold at street fairs.

This was the early 60’s after all… I spent my first 3 years in an Airstream traversing across the states and Europe. Whenever we stopped at a campground I would take my little red tricycle out and rush to the playground, try every piece of play equipment once, and race back to the trailer – as I never knew when we’d have to leave again. To this day I have a highly developed sense of direction, and place.

My brother was born when I was four, and we stayed in California for a couple of years, but by the time I was 7, we had lived in Portugal and Denmark for extended times. Both of my parents are from Denmark, and Danish was my first language, I didn’t learn to speak English until I started Kindergarten, and subsequently I have no accent in either language. When my brother ‘flunked’ Kindergarten, my parents rebelled and took us both out of school and found a ‘Froebel’ school for us. (Something like a Waldorf school, but with little or no structure) We knew it as ‘Free School’. I remember being able to do anything I wanted to do. If I came to school and wanted to make puppets the teachers would find the materials and show me how. If I wanted to paint or make jewelry, that’s what I did. If I was tired, I could just ‘take a nap’. I rarely did that, as there were too many exciting things to create and explore! We would go into the woods and write poetry, and then self publish our poems and sell them house-to-house. We’d write plays, design and make props and costumes, or puppets and then perform for each other. When there was a nasty oil spill, the whole school gathered at a beach, and washed birds for 3 days. It was heaven! I truly think those 2 years set the foundation for who I am today.

When I was 10 my parents sold everything they owned and bought a big Moterhome and left on another traveling adventure. Joining us this time were my new sisters (twins) making 6 of us in an 18-foot long house. My ‘room’ was a 1-foot by 2-foot cabinet, and an extra space for my ‘stamp collecting books’. We traveled for two years, like this, seeing Mexico, most of the states, and all of Western Europe. I was at the perfect age to enjoy the travels and make life-long memories. My parents never formally ‘educated’ us, preferring to let experience and travel be our teachers, although we did have minor school ‘stints’ in Switzerland and Denmark. I collected postage stamps and dolls from every country we visited, giving me Geography lessons I remember to this day. My brother learned the alphabet by shooting bow and arrows into a pillow appliquéd with the ABC’s by my mother! When we finally returned, none of us skipped a beat in school. Two smaller extended trips followed this one, where all was sold and off we went. When I was 17 my parents finally decided to make Northern California our permanent home, although none of us have stopped traveling.

My Mother has always been a great inspiration for me. Although a lot of her time was taken up caring for my siblings when I was young, she always had something artistic in the works. Over the years she has excelled in sewing (both clothing and home décor), batik and fabric painting, appliqué-work and embroidery, porcelain painting and water-coloring, She is a master gourmet cook, I always had the lunches no one would trade for, with ‘tongue sandwiches’, goose pate, and pigs knuckle’s being favorites… When my father retired a decade ago, he taught himself how to watercolor and my parents now travel the world painting together! A year ago they added Sculpture and Mosaic creating to their repertoire!

I was always a bit of an ‘odd duck’ at school, shy and into art. I hung out with the ‘French Club’ and ‘Art Geeks’. I couldn’t wait to graduate! In collage I double majored in Art History and Economics. Two years later I got another degree in Textile Design. Although I worked all the way through high school and College, mostly for my father’s publishing firm, I’ve been self-employed since I was 24, and teaching since I was about 30.

Susan: How did you come around to blogging?

Ulla: Somewhere around 2003 I discovered blogs. I had just been let go as a high school Art Teacher by our dear Governor, along with 300 other California high school art teachers and was looking all over the net for inspiration and information on other artists. I loved how personal blogs where, and how easy it was to share and learn and chat online. At some point I discovered L.K. Ludwig’s blog, and fell in love with her look and style, and how she mixed life, family and art together. My blog was designed with her blog very much in mind. I had also recently begun teaching at ‘Castle In The Air’ and wanted a forum to share my ideas, and inspiration with my students. ‘Once a teacher, always a teacher!’ A few months after I began blogging my husband had 2 strokes, which really threw me for a mental loop, and blogging truly saved me! I’ve always fought with Depression, and Black Moods, but facing the possibility of being a widow was a real test for me. Suddenly I had a whole world of friends to chat with and share my life with. Fortunately my husband has completely healed and my blogging family has grown leaps and bounds!

ulla's backyard labyrinth!

Susan: What sort of things inspires you most?

Ulla: Off the top of my head, I’d have to say Fairy-tales and Folklore. I’ve always been a ‘dreamer’ and often step into fairy-tale like stories in my head, when I need a distraction… I adore looking at children’s book illustrations, and have quite a collection of old and new books that I refer to often. Being a super-visual person, I am always searching for new and wonderful images. I am also a magazine junkie, and can spend a couple hundred dollars a month on foreign magazines. I keep extensive ‘journals’ filled with all my favorite found images for future inspiration. Shopping trips, or as I call them ‘Go see-em’s’, are also great for inspiration. I don’t usually buy much, just soak up what’s new and exciting and store it away for future reference. I love working in Berkeley for this reason alone – it’s really a hub for the hip, artistic and young. Museums and galleries also inspire me. I read a lot too. I’m one of those people who has 26 different books going at one time…. And they are all next to my bed! All kinds of books, from ‘how to’s’ to biographies; cheap romance books on vampires and pirates to tomes on style and fashion, you name it, I probably have something on it in my library…

some of Ulla's jewelry from her etsy shop!

Susan:What are your favorite mediums to work with, and has this changed?

Ulla: Since ‘Castle In The Air’ sells mostly paper goods and gifts, I primarily teach paper oriented projects or things that use paper in one way or another, like my soldered jewelry. However, I think my favorite mediums are paper clay and textiles. I’ve always loved dolls and miniatures, and spent a number of years making and selling dolls of various kinds at fairs and festivals before I began teaching. I used to sew all my own clothing in high school, and still like to pull out the machine and just ‘make something’! Ironically when I first became self-employed, I was making jewelry out of ‘shrinky-dink’! At one point, I was doing 18 shows a year, with 5 employees and 100’s of account’s all over the states, but wasn’t real happy. My need to make dolls coincided with wanting to play with fabrics again and my struggle with infertility – I was litterly surrounding myself with lots and lots of ‘babies’! These early dolls were all cloth dolls, mostly ‘teapot’ dolls and animals. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I was able to sculpt ‘human’ headed dolls. Today I try to divide my time between designing new ‘paper’ projects to teach, and creating textile art just for my own pleasure. Very recently I have begun to explore porcelain painting, an art handed down to me by my Mother. Although I always seem to be thinking ‘how can I teach this’ in my head, I am keeping porcelain painting as my own craft for a while longer.

One of the crowns Ulla designed and made featured in the Crowns book.

Susan: Please tell us about your studio space.

The number one reason we bought our house is because it had an extended garage that could be converted into a studio for me! It was the first room finished (lovingly renovated by my Husband) when we moved in and I haven’t left since. Truth be told, I could use another full floor on top, as I have completely run out of space, but that’s a whole other story! My studio faces our garden, with French doors. I have a large 4’ by 8’ table in the center, which never seems to get clean, and bookshelves on 3 walls. The two long walls have low tables that I’ve made into ‘work stations’, one for sewing, one for the computer and printers, one for porcelain painting or jewelry work, and one for my daughter! The center table holds everything else. (I warn people not to look in the garage – LOL!) All my chairs have wheels on them, so I can spin around from station to station depending on what projects I have in progress. I tend to always be working on ten things at once. I wish I were the kind of person who could focus on just one thing at a time and finish that one thing before going to the next, but I’m not. My niche is being good at a lot of different things, and they all kind of feed on each other… I like to have pretty things around me when I create, and keep favorite artwork, my dollhouse, and other collections within easy sight. It may not look organized but ‘I’ know where everything is – usually…
Susan: What does your perfect sort of day look like for creating?

Ulla: Great question! I wish everyday were perfect, but life seems to get in the way… First I would want warmth, if not sunshine, then a pre-heated studio. I have a hard time creating if I am cold. I usually have breakfast in front of the computer checking up on my blog, emails and posting. This can take hours if I let it, so I have to be careful. I love to start projects right after breakfast, non-carpool days being my favorite! Good music is important. I generally start with classical and then switch to something more energetic as the day progresses. I like to light a candle and just sit for a few minutes when I enter my studio. This gives me a chance to look around, and decide where I want to begin. An interruption free morning with quiet is my favorite kind of day. I love to go out to lunch with friends, and walk the dog, be with my daughter etc. in the afternoon. When I am really hot on a project I will often work in the studio right up till dinner.

I am always amazed when people call me prolific. I don’t see myself this way. I realize now that I tend to create in spurts, making a lot in a small amount of time. Most of my days are not very productive, being spent compiling ideas, designing, or just playing with materials. My best art comes in clusters, and often when I least expect it. Over the years I have created a huge variety of work, which I guess one could call prolific, but I see it more as a life in progress…

Thank you Ulla again for sharing your creative life with us!

March 18, 2008

Amy Rice has arrived!

hold on - stencil handcolored original
After long last, (I am impatient!) the lovely work of Amy Rice has appeared at artstream! New work in the shop under her own category can be found here. It is a breath of springtime with chicks, birds, girls and bunnies along with some hollyhocks -(here's hoping mine bloom this year!) and my favorite teacup flowers - "feeding the habit"
Amy will be exhibiting in a show with us in September - but you will be able to find her work with us year round. And we couldn't be happier!

Whimsical vessels workshop

Better light today and a few little glimpses at the work in progress from the Saturday workshop with Megan Bogonovich. We had so much fun.
This footed egg dish and butterdish are just bone dry now and waiting for three layers of wiped on underglaze for a super magnificent texture popping color.
More workshops to come on Saturdays in April and May by Megan Bogonovich and some jewelry workshops in April and May by Makayla Brown.

March 17, 2008


blackbirds(trois), originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Just more of my birds and plants today... the sun is shining and so I have to take advantage of it and soak it up.
More later on the clay vessels - but for now - I'll be following the sun.
(this one is available at my etsy shop)

March 15, 2008

Saturday Workshops!

Megan Bogonovich, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Today we had playtime at the studio...

Megan Bogonovich came by to teach a "whimsical vessels" workshop.
It was rad. It rocked and we can't wait 'til the next one - April 5th.
Mark your calendars. note** More photos as the work is finished! The slump mold butter dishes, footed vessels, one amazing lidded easter egg, bowls and tiles are in their first stages... so much fun

March 13, 2008


circles a monoprint, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

A quick post today as there is a lot of this and thats to catch up with .
This monoprint I made with gelatin this past Sunday. It is part of my "Atmospheric" series and I am in love with the colors.
It's sunny sunshine here today which if we all think of the word "melt" simultaneously, perhaps, just maybe, the 8 foot snowbanks will disappear!

March 12, 2008

Odd Sock Soup by Marianne Horton

Marianne sent me this adorable little handmade book of her's called Odd Sock Soup. It really brightened my day today when outside our vast windows was nothing but snow flurries! Hooray for mail that comes by the jolly postman! Thank you Marianne, it was a sweet surprise!

Glass beauty

I am not usually overly wild about everything glass, (maybe that comes from my childhood trauma of breaking a snowglobe in a "dimestore")... but I am totally taken with this garland of glass by Pamela Angus from Isere, France. I found her at her Etsy shop yesterday and I asked her if I could post about her work. There are so many places that this garland would work - my favorite would be a shelf in a well lit room sending sparkling reflections all around.
She says her influence for this piece is pre-Raphaelite romance, and I can see that clearly. If you are in her area this spring you could drop into her new studio/gallery in the Alps! Follow that development at her blog right here.

March 11, 2008

Faux Bois

Oh my Cavalier does it again with this beautiful Gocco print. Available here at their Etsy Shop.

Boca do Lobo

Meet a lusious little table that dropped into to say hello this morning - I love this little "Pearl" table from Boca do Lobo. It just screams spring to me! (and that is a message I can't hear enough of right now!)
Speaking of messages, two thank yous (Moe and Darryl, you both are too kind!) and a link to a terrifically funny short video which transcends Improv and performance art.

March 10, 2008

Fridays opening

through the window, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

A quick note about Friday's opening of Stories and Tales - nice small crowd, tiny infact as winter still has it's firm grip on New Hampshire's population. Abby Glassenberg attended and we were so pleased to have her visit.
The show looks wonderful and if you are around our neck of the woods -in the next three weeks, we would love you to stop in and say hello!

March 06, 2008

Tara hogan - conversations with a peacock II

More delicate beauty from Stories and Tales. This piece by Tara Hogan of (Ink and Wit fame too) makes me think that spring is on the way. It is wonderfully delicate and strong at the same time. Lots to do tonight so off to the paint/patch shuffle step!

Alena Hennessey

16x20 true friend

Alena Hennessey's work is absolutely breathtaking! Her larger pieces fill the area with a calm sense of a quiet moment in a garden. They are adding just a little more beauty to this incredible show we have opening tomorrow night - Stories and Tales. Click through the photo to see the whole set of lovely photos.

March 05, 2008

Overnight Art + Bloesem!

Well, some days are better than others. Today I wanted to share some great exciting news for me personally. First a huge thanks to Irene over at Bloesem for sharing my work with her readers so enthusiastically! What an honor to be recognized by her and to be on her beautifully designed blog! Thank you so much Irene!

Secondly - I won a spot in this summer's overnight art public art competitions. My little birds are going to be gracing the parking garage in Portsmouth, NH. I am not only honored, but absolutely thrilled to make some public art. Above are the photos/drawings of what I dreamed up. Thank you so much Art-Speak for this opportunity!

Podcast Interview with Abby Glassenberg

Abby came up last weekend to bring her "flock" and we decided to record a podcast on the "fly"... It's about 12 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it! (don't notice my flu infested voice please!!!) Thank you Abby (see more at her flickr right here) and thanks to Rainer for the photo above and all his continued support with these artists podcasts!
We are planning more for next week, so stick around...Meanwhile Stories and Tales will be going up tomorrow night so look for that as well! Hope to see you live and in person to see all the loveliness we will be exhibiting!

[Link to MP3]

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March 04, 2008

Darryl Berger -

okok i wont go out to far, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios. $200

ok ok i won't go out too far... I love the names of Darryl's paintings almost as much as the paintings themselves. OK, that's not true. His handling of the paint and surface texture is wonderful. This is one beautiful painting which will open with the others on Friday.
A note from Darryl's statement:
I paint misguided fables – those imagined (and remembered) dreamscapes of childhood, where icons of fun get twisted around with the glamour and dread of all things unknown, and the extraordinary just wanders in. The meanings of these self-imposed stories are mostly fleeting or fantastical or misunderstood. Naturally, in a realm where the perspective is confused (or just distorted by so much looking up), letters and words become physical things to be wondered at, the horizon appears limitless, and animals seem supercharged with magic.

Beauty - non? Check them out in the shop later in the week. Until then you can visit Darryls blog or our flickr account over on the sidebar. He is also a fab writer and maker of tiny books. I will show that later on...

March 03, 2008

Portsmouth Hearald Spotlight Awards

We are quite pleased with the nominees for the Portsmouth Hearald's Spotlight awards this year in the Visual Arts catagory - Tom Glover, Amber Lavalley, Sarah Burns and Abby Glassenberg - all artists who we represent are being nominated! So voting has begun - please help out the artists and vote here and spread the love.

March 02, 2008

Podcast Interview with Heather Smith Jones

Happy Monday all! I am finally turning the corner on this wretched cold, so thought I would start the week off with a bang - a new artist podcast interview with Heather Smith Jones. Heather is one of our gallery artists and we are thrilled to present her here today.
We chatted about her work and her projects a couple of weeks ago over the phone and here are the results, finally! Heather Smith Jones beautiful fine artwork can be found here in our shop. Her noticing projects can be seen at their Etsy shop. Keep up with her creative adventures at her blog too. Thank you Heather for the interview!

[Link to MP3]

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