March 17, 2008


blackbirds(trois), originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Just more of my birds and plants today... the sun is shining and so I have to take advantage of it and soak it up.
More later on the clay vessels - but for now - I'll be following the sun.
(this one is available at my etsy shop)


Ulla said...

Beautiful Susan! The shine is bright here too, gotta take advantage when we can! Hugs!

Camilla said...

I'm really loving these bright birdies you've been drawing lately

GM said...

Hello, today I decided to post a comment, your blog is one of my favourites... and i pass by almost every day. i appreciate very much your work. Thank you for all the different things.

Cally said...

you know how i always love red on blue. and this one has one has an extra strong retro scandinavian feel to it that is always appealling. i can picture it on tableware or fabrics. have you ever considered that?