April 30, 2007

Lisa Congdon + {un}Limited

More goodness as promised from the upcoming exhibition! Lisa Congdon has produced some beautiful ink on vintage book pages framed out in black vintage frames for this exhibition. They are all in the shop - so be swift! Beautiful and elegant they are timeless images fashioned in her own unique way. She is one powerhouse artist and we are thrilled to have her in this "blockbuster" show! Friday marks the opening, but the work is ready to buy in the shop now. Go ahead. You know you want to. The exhibitioin has a great range of works from each artist, so there is REALLY something for EVERYONE!
On a personal note:
Thank you all for your kind wishes about my opening last Friday. We had a blast and the show looks really great. A few bad photos are over at my flickr pages. I have another show, coming up this weekend down in Provincetown, MA at the Bowersock Gallery. Nine new paintings to go up there. Happy Monday everyone!

April 27, 2007

Modern Folk

woods on birch 14x20 inches
Tonight I have my own opening at another gallery entitled "Modern Folk" not far from us .... The Salmon Falls Village Gallery (she hasn't updated her site yet, but has directions there in case you wish to come!) in Rollinsford NH. It is a powerful small space with brilliant green and white walls. The exhibit is a three person show with me, Marshall Carbee, and David Lincoln. Most of my work is on wood, repurposed doors and include tiny works which I have made just for this I will take lots of photos - promise + post them tomorrow! I am excited to meet David Lincoln as his work is charming.
(I already know and admire Marshall!) Have a wonderful Friday, friends!
p.s. i will be adding more work to the shop over the weekend. keep checking...

April 26, 2007

Something Beautiful this way comes...

all of Penelope's works for {un}Limited opens 5/4
from Penelope Dullaghan. How excited are we? Words can not express. All her work, and the other lovely ladies work, will be in the shop. Do stop in on May 4th if you can make it for a LIVE viewing! It is sure to be most a most exciting show.

April 25, 2007

Trees = inspiration

Gosia sent over a note about her sale on her Trunks table/stools! They are so delightful...contact her here for buying information on the sale.
Inspiration from wood and trees seems to continue to enchant people, both online and here in our gallery. Since the beginning of artstream, images, sculptures, prints and full scale installations have been the most popular items to view and buy in our gallery.
Ashley Goldberg's "Answer" 9x12 mixed media on paper $120
Our upcoming exhibition -- {un}Limited, includes trees in some form in some of the works, from all the artists. I will be revealing them slowly from now until next week. Three lovely ladies in the main gallery - Penelope, Ashley and Lisa. Two lovely Aussie artists in the eQuinox gallery - Lisa and flossy-p! So much goodness under one roof = one great spring show! Check the shop as pieces drop in for preview and buying over the next week.

April 24, 2007

Alyssa Ettinger - knitware cups + plates

Alyssa Ettinger, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

We have seen a lot of beautiful pottery and porcelain pop up in the past years - but none as unique and tactile as Alyssa Ettinger's work in porcelain. These pieces are all for sale at the shop. Knitware! Extreme textile! To use for the everyday and special occasion alike, nothing feels so good in your hand as one of her cups. Let them eat cake from the plates!

April 23, 2007

Jenny Vorwaller sneak peek!

jenny vorwaller, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
A pair of lovely earrings we just received from the VERY talented Jenny Vorwaller. Jenny contacted me last month about her work and we were thrilled to do so. These earrings will debut in the shop this week along with a dozen other one of a kind items from her collection made especially for artstream, from vintage beads!

April 21, 2007

Ashley Goldberg's limited editions

Updating the shop slowly but surely - starting with Ashley G's limited edition prints. Three beauties to choose from! All that goodness is right here in the shop! All part of our upcoming exhibition called {un}Limited.

April 20, 2007


Sitting, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

This is my entry for IF's prompt Polar. I imagine that anyone living in that region would feel any sunshine a little bit more "closely" a little "deeper" than anywhere else in the world. I tried to show that here.
Side note - go to Penelope's blog here to view her absolutely stunning poster she just created for the Emily Dickenson Museum in Amherst, MA. It is really incredible and so well done. Good for you Penelope! Remember to look her up at our upcoming show "{un}Limited at the gallery next month too...

Passports and other necessary things

boston, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
Yesterday was spent getting daughter Grace's passport in Boston. After 15 weeks of waiting for the reissue, we had to take a day off (well, that was a.o.k!) and go to Boston to retrieve one ourselves. All is well that ends well.

The sun was shining, we had our favorite lunches and it was sunny and there was a great street performance as well as the weather was glorious! Did I mention the sun was shining? We spent some time in line, but not too much, dodged the worst of the traffic, enjoyed being outside and being together. Can't ask for more. No sir. Sunshine and daughter time. Doesn't get any better than that. She's off in a few hours to London, with friends and teachers from her school. Wish her luck on a safe journey... and wish me luck. I hope I won't shed a tear!

Forgive me for not getting the shop updated... that will happen soon. The passport scare over took everything else. Everything will be in by the end of the weekend. Promise!

April 18, 2007


is still available... here at the gallery. Isn't she graceful? Her sister Clementine went to a new home today... but she is still swishing her skirts on her pedestal. Sculpture by Leigh Pennebaker.

Brizida Ahrnsbrak "caught up in a cloud"

Stunning little print at pretty darn swell by artist Brizida Ahrnsbrak. Love it! Get it here.

April 17, 2007

Cityscape II

By Ron Fountain.
Minimilistic, yet complex , totally modern and now. wow. Made from all repurposed parts. See if you can guess what they are.
43 inches long by 28 inches highest point. Mounts on the wall just as you see it here in flat black to accent the components.

Sushi Bench

This bench just speaks to my minimilistic side. I adore clean crisp furniture and this takes the cake. Orignially seen at pan-dan's blog. She's got a lot of nice things from the preview of the Milan show. Hop on over for a few more goodies.
The sushi bench would fit very nicely into my home. I could see a felted California roll slice to adorn it with. Belinda? Beatte? what do you think?

Journal Swap

I made a journal for my Journal swap partner - Jennifer. The inner pages are for drawing on and this is the inner sleeve page of painted vellum. I used some vintage wallpaper for the cover and sewed it up with a bright yellow rayon thread. Hope she enjoys it!

April 16, 2007

New Sub-Studio prints

Anna from sub-studio just dropped me a line.. very punny considering their new print is all about fishing lures. I love the crisp lines and colors. Just a beauty!
Go to their shop for singles (only $10!) or multiples of this great new work! I can almost see summer when I look at this print.

rain update: our electricity is finally back on now after 8 hours. we are LUCKY!

April Showers

twilight with hummingbird by Grace Larochelle
bring floods again to our region. Our gallery studios are just dandy dry. Home is without power, so I may be "away for awhile"...
Till that time enjoy your sunshine, your blooming flowers, your 80F weather and all that it brings! I know our day will come soon!
OH! and a huge thanks to all who commented on my Garden of Fortune. Poster size prints are now available as requested right here at the shop.
In the mean time... here are some nice things to check out elsewhere:
Cally's beautiful photos
Jan at Poppy's post on Elizabeth Burritt
Ulla's new Crown Book on Amazon - reserve your copy today!
Some beautiful work which is winging it's way to us this week from Ashley G.
Feltbug has some amazing Shibori going over at her blog...
For more fabric beauty - Beate's blog has postcards with vibrant colors!
Made by Milla has a sweet little moose cushion right here.
A new blog found through Andrea Pratt - another andrea in Wales. love these buttons!
More on small business at the BizBox Blog at Slate...
Wishing you all a very dry and wonderful Monday...
The word for the day is ... pump ... the water. out. of. the. basement.

April 13, 2007

Garden of Fortune

click to enlarge
This garden is full of fortune. Unlock the mystery and the fortune is yours.
I finished this piece last year after months of layers and photo transfers from sculptures I saw at the beautiful outdoor museum, outside of Dusseldorf, called Insel Hombroich in Germany. (if you click, scroll down one post to see photos) I have been there now twice and each time it amazes me. This piece I did was sort of an out pouring tribute to this special place.
Good fortune is yours at Illustration Friday.
***update*** a few people asked for a print of this piece so if you are interested, you can get one here at the shop in two sizes.

April 12, 2007


yellow flower rings by omondieu! at the shop!

and because we all need a little yellow in our lives today... my yellow post for Julie's color week...
inspired by spring, omondieu and cally's yellow post!

(p.s. it is still snowing here...)

Hep Cats

Rainer said that a blog is not really a blog without an occasional photo of a cat. We don't have any cats, (except for me as I am a leo) because two of us have sickening allergies. You know, the kind you are embarrassed of when you go to a pet owners home and you immediately can't breath, start choking and get hives and red red red in the face. Yeah, that's me. I love cats, from afar, but I can't live with them, sadly. Luckily I read blogs and enjoy flickr so I can enjoy them here.
I do have a cat here at the studio though ... from Jane Kaufmann.... Hep Cat. Like one of my favorite Michelle Shocked songs - Hep Cat. He is fur free, but full of cool. One of Jane Kaufmann finger puppets - $24 and full of fun at the shop.

waiting for spring

waiting for spring, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
What can I say? 4-6 inches more snow coming today here in Snowland?

Finished off this piece with birch and textured the outer edges to create a snowy feel for the Modern Folk exhibition I am part of at The Salmon Falls Village Gallery in Rollinsford, NH next week.
Did I bring this weather on myself?
Yesterday flipflops, today snow boots.
yeah.... we love us some sunshine and warmth.
you can only drink so much hot cocoa....

The word for the day is patience... as in all good things will come in time. like spring. like gardening, like my daughter's passport. (everybody out there pull for us with the last one, OK? she's going to London and really wants to leave next week....)

April 11, 2007

Wednesday, what have you?

old photo of me, a coaster from wein, corners of work, a small twig chloe found and thought we should draw.
thank goodness for her.
passport woes
preparing artwork
walks to cleanse the mind
hugs and kisses
coffee creamed
little bits of charcoal
forms, forms and more forms
more artwork to prepare

thank goodness for sunshine

April 10, 2007

Julie Roberts

Over at Feltbug's blog I scoped out this lovely lamp from Julie Roberts
I love the soft way the light plays through the holes! Sigh, to be jetting over to the UK for a
closer look would be just dreamy now! Darn old snow is still hanging on and coming again ...

April 09, 2007

City Bird

city bird 12 x 12 x 3 inches mixed media on canvas 2006-2007

Here is one of the paintings which is going to be part of the "Modern Folk" exhibition at the Salmon Falls Village Gallery in Rollinsford, NH. If you would like an invitation, well ... here it is. Do come join us! April 27th from 6-8 - directions are here. Some more of my things for this show are at flickr... if you would like to see them. The exibit runs from April 12 through May 13th.


waterlilies, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Just a quick little post of a monotype/ drawing ... a tiny art piece - an artist trading card. Finishing up a lot of work for two exhibits upcoming for me later this month and next! A little bit more on that later - with photos. New post up at BizBox on Slate if any of you are interested in Web 2.0 and what it did for us, just click here.
p.s. Does anyone want to start trading little atc's? been thinking about that. if so, leave a comment below or email your address to me!

April 06, 2007


8x8 inch mixed media "stealth"
A green bug-chandy. Guess it came from a dream I had, something about an insect who posed as a chandelier to attract its prey. Whatever it was, I had to make this piece this morning. Who knows what Illustration Friday will bring out in others? Go find out!

Matthew Wyatt

Some new photos just came in from local emerging artist Matthew Wyatt. Love the darkside of nature in his moody black and whites. 8x 11 prints are $39 and large 13 x 19 are $59. We have added a new catagory of work for sale in the shop - Photography. Matthew is included there, along with Angela Gwinner's photographs and Corey Amaro's photographs. They are all affordable ways to get yourself a little art into your home!

April 05, 2007


a quick draw - this allegedly Spring morning. Drove up from Boston last night through sleet and then snow, only to wake up to 7 inches of deep wet snow this morning. Longing for the green, I drew this in a snap for Illustration Friday. Better late then never - applies to everything except snow.

April 03, 2007

Green Chair Press

Cool little coasters with some fabulous typographic style. Very nice antique letterpress quality with waterproof inks from Green Chair Press at their etsy shop - made in California with lots of care. They are often one of a kind sets, so be swift! More paper related items at their website - for all of us who just can't get enough in the paper dept. Ahem, we know who we are.

April 02, 2007

In Mono Designs

Feli from Perth, Australia makes some very pretty wearable jewelry. I say wearable as I am not a jewelry maven... Things on my fingers or wrists just get in the way of art making. However! I love a good big earring and most days wear either these from Feli or these from the amazing Rena Tom's Rare Device...interesting...they are both from Australia!
Feli sells these new smooth wooden pieces at her etsy shop. I have been lately admiring these necklaces made from recycled timbers and named with Aboriginal names. This one is called Loorea - "the moon" and I think it is lovely.

The word for the day is ... streaming ... like the rainwater in the street, the paint from my brush and this great video which pokes a little serious fun at Web 2.0. ... (that just happens to be part of my next topic at Biz Box on Slate)

Lisa DeJohn

We had a wonderful visit at the gallery, from the lovely Lisa DeJohn and her fiance Scott last Friday. Above is one of her mixed media works which I love - Red Beauty. Grace over at designsponge did a a sneak peek of their home last month, which was a treat for the eyes. Take a look through Lisa's delicate, yet powerful work at her website here. Her work may be familiar to you through IKEA as well. Her blue flower painting was made into a fine art poster and her surface design catagory is filled with lovely pattern and color. Her surface design work is licensed through Lilla Rogers and can be found in such fabulous places as "The Land of Nod" among others. So nice to meet you Lisa!
oh... so what do you all think of the new banner? red is the new pink which was the new brown which was the new black, ahem, so i was told....