April 12, 2007

Hep Cats

Rainer said that a blog is not really a blog without an occasional photo of a cat. We don't have any cats, (except for me as I am a leo) because two of us have sickening allergies. You know, the kind you are embarrassed of when you go to a pet owners home and you immediately can't breath, start choking and get hives and red red red in the face. Yeah, that's me. I love cats, from afar, but I can't live with them, sadly. Luckily I read blogs and enjoy flickr so I can enjoy them here.
I do have a cat here at the studio though ... from Jane Kaufmann.... Hep Cat. Like one of my favorite Michelle Shocked songs - Hep Cat. He is fur free, but full of cool. One of Jane Kaufmann finger puppets - $24 and full of fun at the shop.

1 comment:

kstyle said...

Love your cat and how true for blogs only for me its all about dogs. and if i can't have one right now at least i can blog about. k