July 27, 2011

Art Lab for Kids - a first little peek!

So our first pages arrived from Quarry Books and oh - so - exciting to see the photos in the pages with the artwork and the artists all in place. It's been such a wonderful trip. I can't wait to share more with you all here and at facebook. We are making a page for fans and a new website for the book will be unveiled soon too. Stay tuned for more fun with Art Lab for Kids!

Falling in love with art

It always amazes me each time someone decides to buy artwork. It's like a relationship. First they notice the piece. Then they get closer and visit it a few times. They do a little research on the piece. They flirt with the idea of taking it home. It happens that today was one of those days for a few people here at artstream. It was a good day. What did you fall in love with today?

July 24, 2011

Out of the South : pictures

Our current summer exhibit, here at artstream, has been so enthusiastically received, with people coming in from near and far to view and purchase the work. It's an eclectic mix from the perspective of media, yet the thread which draws it together visually is strong. So here are a few choice angles from my lens to lure you in deeper. All work is available right here too online.

July 15, 2011

coneflowers arrive

coneflowers by artstreamstudios
coneflowers, a photo by artstreamstudios on Flickr.

Happy weekending all! These favorites of ours opened their sleepy heads today and well, are simply blowing us away with their color. Here's to midsummer and all the wonderful colors it brings!

July 13, 2011

You Would Like

You Would Like collage by Susan Schwake
A little peek at some of the new little collages I have been working on. These will be part of a group show at Lucy's Art Emporium in Dover, NH. Love that shop! Stay cool... it's an oven out there!

July 08, 2011

Dorothy the Robot of Oz.

It's end of week Camp photo time! So much fun and beauty. All of the ceramics are in the kiln, but the robots made their way home today. This one is quite large as you can see and took all week to build. Way to go!

Out of the South : words

Tobia Makover

We are getting so excited about our up coming exhibition Out of the South! Meryl Truett curated this wonderful show and I wanted to share this statement with you all today surrounding the talent which will be on display:

Out of the South-curated by Meryl Truett

Out of the South brings together a disparate yet connected group of artists who hail from the environs know as the American South. Meryl Truett is the magnet that brought this assemblage together. While each artist possesses a distinct style and aesthetic, a common thread runs though the intent and content of the work. Truett’s work celebrates a vanishing southern landscape in a unique way. By transferring the images to vintage architectural ceiling tiles, she melds the image and the form to create an evocative object.

Tobia Makover is a Savannah photographer whose work delves into memory and loss. She also employs a photo-based technique mixed with encaustic elements. Marilee Hall comes to the exhibit from Tennessee. A native of North Carolina, Hall’s southern roots run deep through the expressive clay that is her chosen medium. Also working with clay and ceramics is Polly Cook. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Polly now lives in Texas. Her work delves into the realm of the narrative of small town southern life and love. Dorothy Netherland, born in Virginia now living in Charleston, South Carolina also makes use of the narrative and the influence of memory to express her ideas through her paintings on glass. John Dodge Meyer was born in Wisconsin but has made his home in the South for the last 40 years. He works with southern hard woods that have been harvested after storms or removed due to land development. The lathe formed vessels come directly from the southern terrain and speak to the idea of environmental preservation.

Out of the South is a gathering together of art steeped in a love for the land and a reverence for memory and the power of communicating a story through personal visual choices.

July 05, 2011

Art Fairs

This weekend on Sunday, daughter Chloe packed her wares and headed to Strawberry Banke for her first fully realized (read: all by herself) open air art fair. OK, I did drive and help her set up. But otherwise it was all her. She made jewelry, gocco printed moleskines, her fabulous ceramic wares and a few hand designed clothing articles. Pretty sweet! She did quite well and was very professional with her business cards, printed bags and sweet packaging. She will be back at the open market on July 17th, so if you missed it, stop by on the 17th! Pretty proud here of her... hey - her Etsy shop is opening this week and you can like her on Facebook too!

July 01, 2011

Introducing some new artists

Bad Antiques by Meryl Truett
It's always exciting to look forward to some beautiful new work in the gallery - and especially when it comes from the curation of people I admire. Meryl Truett has put together our next exhibition which involves a group of artists who are all (as the title hints at) "Out of the South".
I will unveil a little of each of their works over the next two weeks as we prepare for Meryl's visit, her workshops and the new show. Above is a work on antique ceiling tin by Meryl herself.
With the holiday weekend upon us I would remind everyone that we are closed tomorrow and Monday, with all of Monday's classes being held on Friday the 8th at their regular times. Happy weekend!