May 28, 2010

Tuckaway Tree Farm locally made gifts!

birch pens
wine stoppers of spalted maple and cherry to name a few ...
birch pens ...
red birch bowls

Two lovely ladies who own Tuckaway Tree Farm stopped by the gallery with some beautiful wooden items which we couldn't resist! They work with fallen trees on their own property as well as some exotic woods to create beautiful bowls, plates, and pens. Each piece is unique and very beautifully crafted. We are always thrilled at artstream to have local artists and artisans on board with us in the gallery and online. Look this weekend at the shop to find all of their work available then!

May 27, 2010

Megan Bogonovich:and the auction chairs

yoko with the new fabric on the chairs ...
A month back we had a chance to take Ms. Amy Ruppel and Ms. Lisa Congdon to one of our favorite haunts - "the auction". We picked up Megan on the way and were ready for some fun. Over in Concord there is an antiques auction every Thursday night. It's fun, harrowing and hard to resist. Some how I was the big winner that night with four chairs, another single chair, two japanese woodblock prints and something else which I have forgotten about apparently. I realized I really didn't need these four chairs and yet, they were lovely and perfect, except for the fabric so, I gave them to Megan. Here is what she has done with them and I just love it! More photos later with my special chair.

May 26, 2010

The Working Proof : "on the rocks"

Hey guys -- there are a few more of my original prints over at The Working Proof. So summery and perfect for dads or grads who love the beach! Check out all the other beautiful company which I am surrounded by too. Love the selection and reason for being at The Working Proof.
Sunny Wednesday and hot hot hot. Wish I was on the rocks at the beach, with something ON the Rocks!

May 24, 2010

Garden weekend...

these iris were from original plants i had given my old neighbor and friend and now are coming back to me. i love them...
tick seed is so pretty even before it blooms!
radishes poking through the soil
This weekend was full of fun and parties on Saturday and a whole lot of gardening in between.
our first bloomer peony starting up!
Our extended dose of great weather has done wonders for everyone's spirits here and we have sunk into our spring mode fully!
morning shadows from hanging pots
Massive spring cleaning and a rigid schedule for this weeks home chores between lots of creating in the studio will *hopefully* render a tag sale on Saturday. Am hoping for big progress before Grace flies home on Monday. Of best laid plans ... we'll see what diversions get in my way this week.

May 21, 2010

Lindsey Adelman studios

So incredibly beautiful Lindsey Adleman's studios glass lighting! I am totally head over heels for these fixtures. Each one is just a lovely combination of glass and metal. Happy Friday all!

oooh this one was in Sex and the City 2 click here for details!
This one is my favorite ...
something in a creamier look too is beautiful... enjoy the weekend, it's a beautiful one here (so they say... )

May 20, 2010

Darling Clementine

A cute little company from Oslo - Darling Clementine, sent me a mail yesterday to announce some new work. This woodland collection from their paper empire simply delights me. I love the shapes and colors they have chosen. See more at their site right here: Darling Clementine!

May 19, 2010

Incredible Print Show goodies

Shuxin Liang
Heather Smith Jones
Laura Berger Cloudburst
Our goal with the IPS is to introduce some amazing artists work at affordable prices to the public. We have kept them in the gallery and around the shop online and on this rainy Wednesday I just wanted to bring a few beauties to light here this morning. Here's the link to see them all at the shop!

May 18, 2010

NH Business in the Arts Gala

Last night Mary-Jo and I took off to Manchester to attend the NH Business in the Arts Gala. The event was amazing with every discipline recognized throughout the beautiful evening. Joan Goshgarian is the executive director of the organization and we were completely impressed with the event and the hard work she did to create such a beautiful evening! We were nominated in the micro business division and so honored to be part of the evening!

May 14, 2010

Nice Press!

Lots of nice press about Ashley G's show ... Progress. Big thanks to Jaimers at Design-Milk, Jan at Poppytalk, Apartment Therapy Boston!
Hope that you can all stop by to take a peek. The show looks fabulous and well, we are ready to ship pieces on June 1 from this show. Take a peek too at some of the other pieces we have from Ashley - prints and originals!

May 13, 2010

Birds in the Bush a new mixed media

Something new from my studio. Monotype with pastel and ink. I am liking it's springy-ness. It's available over here at my etsy. More coming ...

Kitchen progress

Finally getting some shelves up in our kitchen ... just thought I would show a little progress. Lighting going in this weekend I think (right?) and then some paint to follow.

May 12, 2010

Light Wind by Demakersvan

this amazing lamp for your back garden!
Their comments on their lamp are below.
Photos all from Demakersvan.

An outside lamp drawn from our home surroundings. The gently

sweeping Dutch windmills were actually perfect generators on their
own. With that in mind, we made this lamp. With every breeze it
stores energy, enough to enjoy every summer evening until
Contemporary vs traditional, art vs functionality.
Shaped by its function the big prop spans over one meter on each
side. It is a self supporting light source that marks the landscape.

May 10, 2010

Alexandrea Morrow -- beauty in the sky!

I just can't get enough of Alexandra's beautiful tumblr. Oh she captured the skies of this area in the past month...

Ashley G abstracts and podcast

Hello friends! What a whirlwind week last week! Had a wonderful weekend though catching up on much needed family time, sleep and food. Yes, food. Seems there were a few too many "handfuls of almonds" going down. Our new show Progress by Ashley G is simply an eye popper. Check it out online here and stay tuned for a podcast. It's coming. A few technical difficulties, but it's on the way. Right now it sounds like Darth Vader stepped into our voices, so trying to adjust it a bit.
Either way - this cool show is just not to be missed. Check out the images on our flickr or just simply drop in!

May 05, 2010

Bleeding hearts

chloe's porclain pots, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

in Chloe's newly made porcelain tiny pinch pot vases ... they are lovely and just the right size for one stem of bleeding hearts and oregano.
What is blooming in your garden?

Heather Jaine - perfect for mother's day!

Lovely necklaces made right here in New Hampshire by Heather Pearson. What could be more perfect than this for a new mom (we have them with one, two, three and four egg shaped pearls?) or your mom ... so pretty and right here.

May 03, 2010

Ashley G and "Progress"

Opening on Friday May 7th from 5-7 p.m. we are proud to present Ashley G's new large scale abstract work entitled Progress.
Bold and beautiful - affordable and modern. Come see for yourself! Online and in the gallery from noon on Friday the 7th. Check it out!