May 24, 2010

Garden weekend...

these iris were from original plants i had given my old neighbor and friend and now are coming back to me. i love them...
tick seed is so pretty even before it blooms!
radishes poking through the soil
This weekend was full of fun and parties on Saturday and a whole lot of gardening in between.
our first bloomer peony starting up!
Our extended dose of great weather has done wonders for everyone's spirits here and we have sunk into our spring mode fully!
morning shadows from hanging pots
Massive spring cleaning and a rigid schedule for this weeks home chores between lots of creating in the studio will *hopefully* render a tag sale on Saturday. Am hoping for big progress before Grace flies home on Monday. Of best laid plans ... we'll see what diversions get in my way this week.

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susanna said...

Pretty! I remember seeing your photographs of your garden from previous summers. You have a green thumb, Susan. :)