May 23, 2013

Summer Art Classes

in our new Dover location begin July 8th! We will have art classes for ages 4 to adult - and a  week long camp for children ages 7-10. Don't forget to check out our Art{retreat}Camp for adults too! It's starting to fill ...

constructing sculpture 
making dioramas

adult and child clay classes!

Art{retreat} Camp

Artstream announces ARC Art{retreat} Camp August 14-18 Mayhew Island, Newfound Lake, Bristol, NH

Imagine going to summer camp as an adult, on a forested island in a pristine freshwater lake. Imagine creating in this special place alongside a small nurturing community of seasoned instructors and others like yourself.

 ARC a place to play, a quiet place to learn, a setting to be refreshed in and a time to reconnect to yourself. Whether you are a seasoned arts person or have never picked up a paintbrush, your creative self will blossom here! 

artstream's belief that we are born creative drives our interest in hosting this island retreat designed to open up and nurture the creative side of you..  The daily schedule has a diverse offering of creative workshops taught by top-notch teachers: Rachel Blumberg, Mati McDonough, Lisa Solomon, Mimi Kirchner, Jess Greene, Monica Pasquale and director Susan Schwake. They will be your guides for the stay. Evenings will bring a variety of programming and there are times during the day to relax, hike, swim or canoe around the island too.

Come join us this summer. Questions? Call us 603-330-0333 or email us at

May 22, 2013

artstream - we're on the move

It's been 10 years in our current lovely location in downtown Rochester, NH. Our customer base has grown dramatically and south-ward-ly. We try to notice these things! So our big announcement today is this:
We are moving south to downtown Dover to be closer to the bulk of our customers and clients. We will miss our roots and will always treasure our time in Rochester.
As of July 1, 2013 our doors will open at  10 Second Street in Dover, NH - the Old Court House - a historical building with plenty of natural light and space for art and more classrooms.  Photos to come soon! We have some work to do ...

May 17, 2013

Each day-- a gift

There are no words that can explain how sad so many feel right now at the sudden loss of our friend Kathreen Ricketson and her partner.Rob Shrugg  She was a force of nature in promoting handmade through her site Whip-up and craft in her books and how to raise fun loving children through her Action-Pack publications. Some of us worked with her online and I am sure many like myself thought we would meet in person some day.  We are all so heartbroken.  There is something we can do though to honor their memory and help their beautiful children. Consider it - here.

May 07, 2013

Art {retreat} Camp!

 It's been awhile in the making stages. Lots of planning and permissions to GO! And now we are a go! It's long been a dream of mine to share one of the most beautiful places on earth with some friends. And now I can. ARC will be a quiet place to create, sing, laugh, splash, and dive right in to yourself. With an open heart and supportive community. Just leaf through the pages and see what it might be for you. Questions? Just ask!

May 06, 2013

BIG News a comin'

Stay tuned here for the unveiling of our latest project tomorrow - called ARC. All I will reveal right now is that it's coming to you from an island and it will involve these iincredible artists:
Lisa Solomon, Mati McDonough, Mimi Kirchner, Jess Greene, Rebecca Emberley, Monica Pasqual, and Rachel Blumberg!  That will be all ... for now!


Amy Ruppel and Rachel Blumberg toasting!
me - readjusting Lisa Solomon's work
Looking back this weekend on 10 years of hard work in the arts was a funny, sad, joyrful, crazy, delightful time! Reminiscing through all 80 - yes 80 count 'em exhibits and countless changes in our business, Rainer and I feel as though we have hit our stride. Saturday was a blast - for those of you who didn't make it to the exhibit, don't feel left out! All the work is online right here and here at our shop.

Rachel Blumberg and Jane Eslinger
We love our littlest patrons!
Judith Andrews 
the incredible Amy Ruppel (it was her birthday too...)
 There was much merriment to celebrate on Saturday night with one of our favorite artists from the past Amy Ruppel and introducing our newest favorite Rachel Blumberg to our gallery. It was a super fun way to usher in the next ten years and we certainly want to thank all of our friends, clients, students and patrons for their support of our dreams!  Huge thanks to Amy for coming out from Portland, OR and all the other artists for their support as well!

May 05, 2013

10 years of artstream!

Tonight we celebrate our first ten years in business! Rainer and I are so thrilled to present two great exhibits - "Sea to Sea" and "ten" - Both exhibits are going live today at our webshop too! Work will be shipped at the end of May. Check them out here!