May 23, 2013

Art{retreat} Camp

Artstream announces ARC Art{retreat} Camp August 14-18 Mayhew Island, Newfound Lake, Bristol, NH

Imagine going to summer camp as an adult, on a forested island in a pristine freshwater lake. Imagine creating in this special place alongside a small nurturing community of seasoned instructors and others like yourself.

 ARC a place to play, a quiet place to learn, a setting to be refreshed in and a time to reconnect to yourself. Whether you are a seasoned arts person or have never picked up a paintbrush, your creative self will blossom here! 

artstream's belief that we are born creative drives our interest in hosting this island retreat designed to open up and nurture the creative side of you..  The daily schedule has a diverse offering of creative workshops taught by top-notch teachers: Rachel Blumberg, Mati McDonough, Lisa Solomon, Mimi Kirchner, Jess Greene, Monica Pasquale and director Susan Schwake. They will be your guides for the stay. Evenings will bring a variety of programming and there are times during the day to relax, hike, swim or canoe around the island too.

Come join us this summer. Questions? Call us 603-330-0333 or email us at

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