October 31, 2012

Letterpress Workshop!

Good times at the Shaker Village print shop with the amazing Jim McNab and friend Megan Bogonovich. We made some great prints -- mine is here for sale.

October 23, 2012

Sunday at the Eric Carle Museum

the museum

This way!

come on in!

it's colorful in here!

even my grandmother made a monster ....

pick a color

texture plates make bumpy looking texture

so much room and light!

A rainbow in the window!
It was a great time at the Eric Carle Museum  this past Sunday as you can see from the photos! Click through here to the Museum's post about the workshop! Fun times in Western MA.

October 19, 2012

Eric Carle Museum Workshop on Sunday

I am thrilled to be holding a workshop at the Eric Carle Museum this Sunday from 1-4 p.m. We will be doing Monster Mash collage straight from my Art Lab for Kids book by Quarry Publishers. Join us in Western MA with all your little ones! Can't make it? Buy the book right here signed by me!

October Days

Chasing clouds, dodging raindrops and making a lot of art has filled these October days! It's been a busy crazy time but all so positive that who can grumble? Not me! The painting above "Cloud Chasing" is one of the 28 new works which I finished up for October's exhibit at artstream.  I sent a dozen more to New Palz NY to Treehouse gallery and have some ideas for new works for my upcoming exhibit at Main Street Art in Newfields, NH. Finishing up my second book has been occupying some of my days too ... here's  a little preview at amazon. More on that later!

October 01, 2012

Perks of being an art teacher

Perks of being an art teacher:

Get to make art everyday - good, bad and ugly - who cares?

Interact with others making art.

Get to wear your messy clothes and apron.

Paint is usually involved at some point.

Can be involved with the most joy your student has experienced that day.

Having permission to express yourself to your own self in a visual way.

If paint is not involved, clay usually is... bonus points.

Clean up means color mixing in the sink.

People around you are happy.

Kids adore you as you are keeper of the materials.

Magical things happen to those around you spontaneously.

Most days involve lots of smiling people.

You can buy glitter any day of the year.

People give you things "because you are an art teacher" and you could find them useful.

You are a knower of adhesives (ripped straight from Lady Linoleum)

You are allowed to have paint on any clothing you own. And your hair.

Your students make things for you often.

 ... like the beautiful corsage that Sol Robinson made for me in the photo above. 

Happy Monday!