March 30, 2012

Workshops with Megan Bogonovich + lots more!

super stylin'with clay and Megan Bogonovich!
There are so many workshops planned for the next few months here at artstream it's going to be a nonstop art party folks! Check them out all here at our site! Megan will be teaching her winning ways with Handbuilding with Porcelain, Jess Greene will have two workshops offering Encaustic: Embedded Memories, and Mosaics to go! and Intro to Mosaics with Lizz VanSaun, and Playful Printmaking with me!  Stop over to the site and if you are around tomorrow we have two seats left for Psyanky Eggs!

March 26, 2012

WishStudio + Art Lab for Kids = fun morning!

Just a couple action shots from our fun times during my book signing/workshop at WishStudio in Newburyport MA on Saturday! A big thanks to Mindy for a fun time and bringing some exciting little artists to the table!

March 21, 2012

New work

I have been working along over the past few months with a mixed media piece or two. This one features a transfer of my mother at age 14. She has this eyebrow thing going on. It's 12x12 inches on baltic birch panel and going into my shop today. It features a saying which came to me via Chronicle Books in the mail last week in the form of a book: See the Beauty Here. Funny, "Be who you want to be" was something my mother always said. The book is a set of stencils of phrases which you may or may not relate to. It's a fun way to add text to your artwork or your walls and pretty handy to have them bound together in one place. I think that it's a handy book to have around the studio!  Oh, and if you are near your computer today I am being interviewed by the Creative Mojo man himself: Mark Lipinski! 

March 19, 2012

Inspired by: Lisa Congdon + Amy Ruppel

Lisa and Amy have some beautiful work in the current exhibit "Inspired by" here at artstream. It's really incredible to see all the work side by side with the student exhibit. The blind etched black wax painting by Amy Ruppel inspired some handmade scratch board scenes from the kids and from Lisa Congdon's gouache Nautical Menagerie painting sprung a Maine lobster.  We still have some work left so hop over here for more info!

March 09, 2012

Bridal showers + Art Parties

Today a lovely blog called Cake events wrote about and posted photos of an event which was held in our gallery last year. Click over to see the pretty photos! Tonight we are holding the first of our soon to be monthy Big Art Night Parties! Come and get your art on here - no cookie cutter events, nothing but your pure personal style to be celebrated with good friends (you bring 'em) meeting new friends, delicious food and drinks (you BYOB and we have the soft drinks covered!)  not to mention that we will have all supplies on hand for this event... $40 a person covers it all. It's going to be fun times with mixed media on birch panel tonight, so come on over, we still have room for six more! Starts at 6:30 and goes till 9:30. Bring a photo for mixed media tonight, but check our site for upcoming projects!

March 06, 2012

Art birthday parties!

A jewelry making birthday party at artstream!

We offer birthday parties at artstream from time to time and this busy weekend brought us on with a group of darling 12 year old girls. I had the help of two older girls: Bella and Chloe, my art interns who - without their help - would not have had enough hands for these activities! Thanks to them it was a very happy birthday party!

Delightful weekends

the book!
artwork by Daisy Adams and student

artwork by Flossy-P and student

Good morning! The sun is shining here in a spring-like way which of course makes a wonderful backdrop for my almost-open forsythia stems we brought in last week. It is so rewarding this morning to sit with a cup of tea and think back on the past few day's events. Saturday was the real launch of my book with the pages "exploded" all over the gallery walls in the form of the original art.

All of the student artwork and contributing artist's work were paired up throughout the gallery and studios. Many of the artists and students came to the opening as well (thank you all so much!) as enjoyed signing each other's books. And this is just the beginning... I have  many events planned this month and next and beyond that I set up a page at the book's website. Feel free to pop over and take a peek!