About me

I am a mother, wife, artist, daughter, caretaker, instructor, curator and curious about life. 
The order of the above changes constantly. My family always comes first.
I have a blog called art esprit. I own a gallery called artstream. I teach people how to find their inner artist.

Everyday I:

try to find some beauty in life, I do something creative and work hard at being a good person.

I don't take a lot of crap from people and have that reputation according to my children's acquaintances.
(their true friends know better)
I am afraid of not being able to finish all that I would like to do in my lifetime as well as in my day.
I get over that pretty quickly as soon as I sit down in the evening.

I love:

my husband and children deeply
creating things
spending time out of doors
being with close friends
cooking with my husband
alizarin crimson
mixing paint
warmish spring days
warmish fall evenings
living each and every day. even the less than perfect ones.

I love working with individuals and groups to make art