April 30, 2009

Setting up the Incredible Print Show

It's incredible how much beautiful work we have in the gallery at the moment. We started the set up tonight and well, it's time for me to rest up to do more tomorrow. Click through the photo to see more in the IPS set on our flickr. Looking good, fun and full here! (note Mimi Kirchner's beautiful lino prints!)
Thanks to Jan at Poppytalk for the lovely post at her fabulous blog.

April 29, 2009

Last day of Jen11

It's been a wonderful run this month with Jen11.  I have been so pleased to walk into the gallery each day and enjoy the show as a whole, and savor each piece as singular works. Above was a photo from the opening of Jen Maestre and Jen Judd-McGee. Two wonderfully nice Jens. 
It's not to late to pop by today to see it all or peruse it online at our shop 
so, please do so if you can! 

April 28, 2009


Local artist Susann Foster Brown has submitted this beautiful etching to the show. Tiny and packs a punch!
Love it! Check out the others by clicking though or going to our site right here!

WInifred Ross Riley "Fu"

fu's swamp houses!
Over at design sponge I fell in love with Swamp houses today. It's a balmy 90F here in NH and this work just fits the day. Go peek more for yourself at the guest blog right here. Keep cool!

April 27, 2009

The Art of Breakfast

"The eye must eat too" says Rainer. He made us the most wonderful breakfast yesterday and we enjoyed it outside in the garden. 
French toast is but one of his specialties and the weather was just as heavenly as his breakfast.
Springtime is in full bloom here with daffodils, and everything green springing up around us.
Hope it is for you too!

April 24, 2009

Helle Jorgensen Plastic Detritus VII

Part of the Incredible Print Show pieces coming up at artstream on Saturday May 2, 2009. Helle is from Australia and this artwork is a lino cut. I love her use of arrangement and color in illustrating what has been found washed up on her beach!

April 23, 2009

Bruce Andrew McKay "smile"

Just smile. OK? Original Silkscreen print by Bruce Andrew McKay, part of the upcoming "Incredible Print Show" at artstream gallery next month.

April 22, 2009

Light in the gallery

sunshine fills the floors in the back studio through riverside windows...

my new portable office .... sigh. 
color and more color
The weather is playing dark and light shadows today at the gallery so I thought I would just capture a few photos to tide this post over to tomorrow. SO much busy-ness with the IPS and the Jen11 all at the same time. It's all good. It's all lovely and the sunshine makes it all good for staying in and getting lots of things done today. 

April 21, 2009

Incredible Print Show artists

Just a quick post today as I am off with daughter Chloe to find the ultimate semi formal dress for her. Ah the joys of having a daughter are endless... glad it's raining or shopping in spring would be a sin. Take a moment if you wish to click through the image to see some of the works on our flickr for the IPS. There is more too at our site to preview.
Have a great Tuesday!

April 20, 2009

the incredible print show at artstream

just to make it official!

Monday monday ...

jen bradford "site 2"
After a far to eventful past four weeks, I am now trying to get into my regular routine again. First off -- you must! if you have not - take a peek at the Jen 11 show. It's beauty knows no bounds, the diversity is out of this world and the book is a wonderfully beautiful modern addition to any coffee table. That said, the work itself speaks volumes of the modern aesthetic which most of you readers embrace. Each and every piece is timeless, yet so today.

On upcoming news, The Incredible Print show is gearing up to be a huge event for us this year at artstream gallery. Over 300 works will be shown with hundreds priced well under 100 dollars, the price limit on the rest is $400. All can be previewed right here at our site!

April 15, 2009

Jen Garrido :: Jen-terview!

Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work. -
Jen Garrido

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
Just to name a few - spring and the warm weather, Friday Night Lights (the TV show), having my wedding dress made just exactly to fit my body, new and old friends and 6 month old niece and how she laughs at everything.

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
A day that I get out of the house early and stay at studio late ... basically a full day of working.

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play
I don't really know how to answer this ... sorry.

5. What are you listening to for music currently?
AA Bondy, She & Him, Pajo, Smog, Bon Iver, Ben Kweller

April 13, 2009

Jennifer Koshbin :: Jen-terview!

Jen Koshbin "self portrait"

Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work.
Jennifer Khoshbin - Ruby's Lounge

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
Jennifer Marsh's "Gas Station Project", Megan Marsh's art, Matt Jones' "Get Excited and Make Things"

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
A day spent with my family and friends outdoors, good food in the fridge, and then quiet time to sit and work.

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play with?
My time is so limited now, that outside of my my personal art medium I like to work on projects that impact my family- like chicken coops, and unusual playscapes or indoor spaces.

5. What are you listening to for music currently?
First Aid Kit, Bon Iver, NPR

Thanks Jen!

We'll be missing you ... George

george and mary-jo at our wedding 2005
Last night, peacefully around 11 p.m. George Monusky our dear friend and partner passed on. After a valiant 4 year struggle with MSA he left this world last night. After surviving the first World Trade Center bombing (he worked for Morgan Stanley) and then moving to rural NH with Mary Jo and surviving without the big city, George added pizazz to our lives here in Rochester. He showed us the good life, sharing his love of sushi with daughter Chloe, patching and painting the gallery between shows, lending a well informed opinion on how to get the building renovated for being a gallery and actually help with coming up with our name, artstream.
Life will be a little less vibrant, a little less passionate without George. His New Yorker attitude (and accent!), love of all that is full in life and his ability of finding the good in everyone attitude hallmarked his being. He will always live on in our hearts and memories.

April 10, 2009

Jennifer Celio :: another Jen-terview!

Jen Celio in NY
1. Your name? Jen (or Jennifer) Celio

2. What art do you find really exciting right now? large scale semi- representational paintings-full of exuberant brushwork and energetic colors, larger than life. I love to see these paintings in galleries.

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you? When I don't have to do any work on the computer before or after, and I can work all day long until whenever I feel like quitting.

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play with? Normally I don't. But in the next couple of months I am going to completely switch gears and start painting again. I will probably still draw-we'll see. I plan to do acrylic paintings with a 60's/70's flair to them (!)

5. What are you listening to for music currently? I am really into listening to all of my music on the "shuffle" setting on my iPod-it's fun to go from Aphex Twin to Debussy to Johnny Cash.

April 09, 2009

Jennifer Judd-McGee :: Jen-terview

photograph by Jennifer Judd-McGee
I decided to try and run some Jen-terviews - in my "fast five style" -- on some of the fabulous Jennifers who make up the Jen11 show now showing at artstream. Jen Judd-McGee popped her's back super fast so she is kicking off the set of interviews. Stay tuned in the days to come we will have more!

1.Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work.
jennifer judd-mcgee // swallowfield

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
liquid acrylics, vintage stitch books, and spring buds. the extra sunshine is great too!

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
a good art day is when i start off in a clean work space or make a new discovery while playing around with materials. i love those 'click' moments. wish they happened more often!

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play
painting with encaustics or doing some linoleum block printing are both fun distractions for me.

5. What are you listening to for music currently?
bon iver, iron and wine, the national, the clientele and oren la vie are all on heavy rotation right now.
Thanks Jen so much for being first and kicking off these Jen11 interviews!

Heather Palmer tiny glass bowls

These little bowls are just so incredibly beautiful - there are a few which mimic jadeite. This one has little green "pearls" set into them. Perfect for sauces, rings, tiny earrings and what-not, in groups they are sculptural.
Over at our shop!

April 07, 2009

Squam Arts Exhibition :: A vision of Squam

Hello everyone, ooops, it's Tuesday. How did that happen? After such a lovely opening of Jen11 on Friday and a weekend filleLinkd with blood (yardwork, thorns and removal of a dreadful bush), sweat (same day said bush took two hours to remove) and tears, ( our dear partner George is in hospice) Monday was just a blur. And I intended to blog about this next piece yesterday, but now it's now. So here we go - a day late.

photo by Thea Coghlin
I wanted to welcome everyone and encourage everyone who went to Squam Arts last September both instructors and attendees - to submit their works made since Squam to our exhibition "A Vision of Squam" for September. The deadline is April 30th and all the details are over here at Liz Kalloch's blog. Liz dreamed up this idea and we at artstream are welcoming you all to make it a reality.
I can't say enough times to you all - don't be shy - be bold, live your art and send it in with the prospectus. We are looking forward to putting this together, but can't do it alone. Join us, won't you?

April 04, 2009


jen11window, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Rainer affixing the lettering to the window. The show photos are up at my flickr. take a peek. It is SMASHING!

April 03, 2009

Jen11 :: Tonight!

Come one Jennifer come all Jennifers - to the Jen11 exhibit opening tonight at artstream! It's jam packed with just about everything wonderful from 11 fantastic inspiring artists named Jennifer... don't let the spring showers hold you back - it's nice and warm and full of lovely art inside. See you all tonight! or online - preview and purchase the work, or the book right here at the shop.

April 02, 2009

The Kalevala - From Myth to Marimekko

The Kalevala is coming again to Rochester NH. The Epic Finnish national poem is a full day affair headed up by friend and poet, Pat Frisella. How exciting for this type of culture to grace our city with the Kantele harps, the poetry and the latest in Marimekko fabrics.

Yes, Marimekko sent three patterns of their latest line (which I simply adore) to Pat to display at the event.

Here's the skinny on the fabrics and the "lore"direct from the txtlart site:
(the blue one above!)
Kanteleen Kutsu: This design is part of a trio that depicts scenes from the Finnish national epic, Kalevala. This one features animals enchanted by the tunes of the kantele.

Taikamylly : This design is part of a trio that depicts scenes from the Finnish national epic, Kalevala. This one features the Sampo which is a magical mill for grinding wealth.

The deets on the event are as follows:

The Kalevala - From Myth to Marimekko

elen sila lumenn omentilmo. Due to the success of last year’s Celebration of the Kalevala, the Poetry Society of New Hampshire will host a one day conference to mark the 160th anniversary of the Kalevala, titled The Kalevala, from Myth to Marimekko©, on Saturday April 4th, 2009 from 9AM to 6PM at the Rollins Estate of the Governor’s Inn, 76 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NH. Each of the presenters for the conference will explore aspects of the mythos of the Kalevala, its language, its reception and reinterpretation, the concept of shamanism, and its music.

Venue: Governor's Inn on Wakefield Street, Rochester NH

Web site: www.poetrysocietyofnewhampshire.org

Phone: 001-603-332-0732

April 01, 2009

Jen 11 set up

jen 11 set up, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Yesterday and today we are filling up the gallery with Jennifer goodness. Click through the photo to see some more shots of the gallery in progress. It's been a fun and enlightening show experience - the opening is on Friday from 5-8 p.m. and we hope to see you all there!
Details here.Link