July 31, 2007

More fabulous cups

tall cup $30 Stacey Esslinger short cup $20

I just can't get enough of Stacey Esslinger's cups.
Here are a couple more which we just got - putting them into the shop today.
Lovely lovely weather happening here, so going home to take advantage of the afternoon before teaching my painting class tonight, outside on location nearby! Will take some photos as it should prove to be a wonderful evening. Tomorrow for my birthday I will be cruising the coast so see you on Thursday! Oh and just in case you are interested - there are a few sales going on at the shop on some pretty special pieces. Pop over for a peek!
The word for the day is ... blue, as in the sky, the water and the color jazz is to me.

July 30, 2007

Day at the Beach

angular woman in ugly suit

round woman in bathingdress

dude with a "tude" under purple/pink umbrella

Yesterday we did the unthinkable. Spent the day at the beach. Which was great because there were so many free models just lying there. Filled up a couple of sketchbooks with some terrible drawings. Here are my favorites... but remember, they are just scribbles...

The word for the day is ... nature ... as in get in touch, back to and true nature.

July 29, 2007

Summer banner change ...

Time for a new banner up top here, so I took a slice from my bird garden painting. A little more sunny than that clouds which were greying up my personal blog sky. Drinking in the sunlight today to store for those deep dark days to come. Inspired by my beebalm seen above earlier in the summer...

July 27, 2007

Blue Moon

blue moon - acrylic - 12 by 20 inches -- unfinished.

For illustration friday's prompt - moon - a small painting which I have. "Once in a blue moon" has always been an idiom which appealed to me. A fun, image provoking twist on words. Of course Wallace and Grommit come to mind as well... Don't know if I will finish this piece, but it was fun to revisit it and think about it again.
July is almost over and I have been busy preparing for two upcoming shows, one in August and one in September, which my work will be part of. The first is an invitational group show with small drawings, 6x6 inches or less, here at the Salmon Falls Village Gallery in Rollinsford, NH:

I will most likely be attending so will share some photos with you after that time. Have a great weekend!

Annette Mangseth

Annette is from Norway and we met on Flickr, exchanging trading cards. I fell in love with her whimsy and just had to share her here. She has an etsy shop now, which you should pop over to. Annette makes hand printed cards as well, which are equally sweet.

July 26, 2007

Hadley Hutton

in the the blooms, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

in the the blooms ... which is one of the works we have on exhibit of Hadley's collection. The colors in this one is exceptional and gleans a remark everytime someone walks by. More of her work at the shop here.
Enjoy today. Summer is short here... off to enjoy!

July 25, 2007

Z and 2 ohs flamingos!

22 x 17" (16 x 11" live area) igned and numbered
4 color silk screen on 100lb French Construction Closed edition of 200
I had a nice mail from Mignon from Zand2ohs in my inbox yesterday - sending me a note about their new silkscreen called flamingos. I love their graphic form and color choices - and am completely taken with their next month's offering too - giraffe! Check out their etsy shop here and more about their 2 and a half person operation here. Thanks Mignon!

July 23, 2007

Stacey Esslinger Pottery

butterdish with pink flowers

medium sized bowl with blue flowers

juice glasses 3x3x3 inches
New work keeps coming in here at artstream. - New Hampshire artist, Stacey Esslinger creates porcelain functional ware with embroidery and textiles in a handbuilt process. Each of her lovely forms are unique and due to the process, no two are alike. We found Stacey through the Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene. She is from the Alstead area of NH - right across the river from my childhood home in Vermont. After chatting with Stacey and then her mother, I found out her grandfather was my geometry teacher in high school! Small world. (small state!)
nice big teapot in blue and white
Anyway, each of her pieces we have received is full of mystery from vintage times. Each piece is hand created with textiles from long ago ... embroidery from an old pillowcase -telling a secret story, lace which came from a delicate garment from a simpler time, or hand towels used only for guests on special occasions. Each one is unique and delicate with the modern convince of being dishwasher safe. Check them out at our shop!

The word for the day is mystery ... as in a good plot, a bend in the road, and how do they get those big ships into those tiny necked bottles?

July 20, 2007

New Queenthings earrings are here!

Popping them into the shop! I had to show them all together as they are so beautiful as a group too... The glass piece they are sitting on was a nice surprise from Guido at Kuhl. Thanks!
Have a wonderful weekend all ... the sun has finally come out here. Yea!

July 19, 2007

Hadley Hutton - "magnolia nest"

magnolia nest, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

A beautiful encaustic work by Hadley Hutton - part of our eQuinox exhibition at the Summer Splendor show!
Hadley is from Oregon and we are so pleased to offer her work both online at our shop - (the work is going in, slowly!) and here in the gallery. I love her expression in wax!


sailing at night, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

I have been working a lot with monotypes again... thought I would post one of my latest ones - "sailing at night" It's available.
It's something which I would like to try someday - to sail at night!
Sailing into work instead soon - more on the Summer Splendor exhibition to come.

July 17, 2007

Megan Bogonovich

unusual growth sculptures by Megan Bogonovich

babydoll heads sculptures
It's so nice when someone so talented and so nice arrives in your voice mail via an old friend... Joe Blajda, a good friend from the "wayback machine" in college called me to tell me about a massive talent fairly new to the area - Megan Bogonovich. Well, it is a small world after all... I had already seen a peek at her work via Ms. Ashley G. 's blog and thought well, I have to look her up some day. Joey helped that along and I thank him ever so much for that!
curious route porcelain sculpture
Megan came around with her work and I almost fell out of my chair when she started unpacking these sculptures. They are modern and curious as well as beautifully executed. And that is just the beginning.

pink vine pattern platters $225 each 20 by 12 by 3 inches
Her other wares are all done in majolica form and are some of the most incredible work I have seen to date in that medium. Her patterns are organic and out of this worldly with quippy little quotes- such as "Megan knows your type" on her cups along with her signature.

two cups with quotes - behind is a backside of a platter
$28 each

Both types of her work are being introduced in this show and will continue to be unveiled in months to come. We have already sold some of these "unusual growth" dog sculptures and it is just a matter of time before the other pieces begin to fly off to new homes. Stop in if you can to see them, or give us a call if you would like a closer look of any one piece. Most of the work will be online over the weekend at the shop, so bookmark the page to see more! Life has been extra full with visits from some of my blogging buddies - Regina from monster crochet and last night we met Carla for dinner, so forgive me for being so slow in posting... more to come!

more Summer Splendor

Here are three of Andrea Pratt's lovely fish paintings. Modern, bold and deeply painterly, they have a luminous quality which you just can't see until you stop by.So, please do so! We have had such a great response to this show already - with work selling, my photographs keep becoming obsolete!

Along with these larger paintings, Andrea has created a series (which is selling fast) of original drawings. They are $45 and all about the sea and it's creatures. More of her work to come.

July 16, 2007

Summer Splendor opening

Pat Frisella and Megan's "with unusual growth" sculptures

Steve Bowersock with his paintings

Megan Bogonovich's platters and bowls

Hadley Hutton's encaustic work
Where did last week go? So much happening in a short time, I will try and recap a little here with photos of the event on Friday for a start.
Thursday we hung the show which really went together very beautifully. A few last minute details on Friday and voila! presto! Summer Splendor. The poets arrived and read in "round" style standing next to a favorite work. We had a splendid evening. I'll let the photos do the talking now, but will be back later with a couple of more posts about one of our newest gallery artists, Megan Bogonovich, and my way too short visit with the amazing artist and fiber wizardess Lady Linoleum from L.A. and monster crochet. I am a little behind in getting all the artwork from this show into the shop, but by week's end it will all be there. Promise!

July 11, 2007

Kuhl Studios

add an umlaut please over the "u" in Kuhl. Blogger won't let me!
Guido from Kuhl (think...cooouullle) sent me a lovely note and link to his beautiful gallery site earlier this week. Here are my favorites from this Traverse City Michigan artisan, whose work I would love to have installed in my home! Click through his gallery to see all the different works he has in glass doors and windows. Breathtaking! It reminds me of all the beautiful doors we see in the German neighborhoods near my husband's home.
A little bit about Guido:

Guido Goldkuhle
A second generation stained glass craftsman trained in all aspects of the trade by Dieter Goldkuhle, a recognized master stained glass artisan. Worked on windows at the Washington National Cathedral, and Duke Chapel at Duke University. Undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia 1988. Graduate degree from Wake Forest University 1996.

Steve Bowersock - Summer Splendor

Another artist in our exhibition, Summer Splendor, Steve Bowersock, has created blooms and fruit in oils and watercolors. Here is one of my favorite plants reaching for the sky in watercolor. Wisteria. Nothing like it. My friend Judith started a plant for our garden with the same lavender color and I am about to get it into the ground for it's new home. In August, Rainer will be designing creating a sturdy pergola for it to grown upon as they are most vigorous growing plant. Below is another beauty from Steve. More to come today...

July 10, 2007

Andrea Pratt - Summer Splendor

More Summer Splendor previews! Andrea Pratt's paintings of fish mix both the modern eye and the love of color for the viewer. Her work is spot on with line and form. Enjoy these images and do stop by the gallery for the opening, as per usual, as good as a photo is, the real painting transends words. Not to dissapoint - but am running out to a job, the swap details will be forthcoming at week's end. Life is full! Enjoy the sunshine. Our clouds finally moved out after a dramatic display last night.

July 09, 2007

jardin en fleurs

come into the garden!

My sweet friends just outside of Paris in Sartrouville sent me a bouquet of photos of their lovely backgarden. La petite Bernadette has been busy and her darling husband took these photos. Sigh! My garden plots are simply green with envy from the thought of such blooms.
Speaking of blooms - Angie is back at omondieu. Please visit her and say bonjour! See you tomorrow with details of the *swap*

Summer Splendor

hadley hutton "cottoncandy day" encaustic
Hello all... finally back here in blogland after a wonderful week of making art and celebrating all that is warm and sunny in our area.
Summer is in high season here so we are celebrating it with a new exhibition of summer-filled wonders. Each day this week I want to show you a little of what is to come for our opening on Saturday, July 14! You are all invited to stop by from 5:30 -7:30 to enjoy the art and special guests too. We have Chris Wilhem from Boston dropping in to play some music, four poets from the Seacoast to give their readings on Summer Splendor and general merriment as it is also Bastille Day! Of course, as always, if you can't stop by, all the work will be in the gallery shop later this week. This beautiful encaustic painting is by Hadley Hutton, from Oregon. She is featured in our eQuinox gallery and we are so thrilled to have her work to share with you.

July 03, 2007

Delphinium Time

Delphinium Time, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Time for a little blog break... my flowers told me to (must weed, must weed!)... Finishing up some big projects which lead into my summer classes. With a clean studio space and loads of fresh sunshine, I must make art whilst the sun shines!
I'll be back next week to update you on the new show, and exciting new works coming our way. Oh yes, and a big surprise swap I will be hosting.
See you soon!

July 02, 2007

Amy Evans

image from Amy Evans

I found Amy Evans hmmm, or she found me? Not sure which happened first but never mind - her work is really lovely. She has her art site here: and her blog here. Something magical happens in her paintings when you look at them - your own experiences seem to entertwine with them! They are witty and deep and beautifully executed.

Check them out live - if you are in Houston, you can visit her work at the Koelsch Gallery (it has to be good to be named after my favorite beer!) for a first hand look at the lovely layers of paint which go into her work.

Tomorrow is packed tight, so perhaps you can enjoy some photos at flickr or pop over to some of my sidebar links >>>> feltbug has some neat posts and cally has my favorite veggie photographed so beautifully today, peek in on ms. lino at monster crochet- she's heading to NH next week for a huge knitting and crochet trade show and we will be meeting up! too too exciting! (I wonder if she can teach me how to crochet while drinking margaritas?)

In my 'hood

power sentries, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

on the way to work - Iwas stopped by these imposing gas meters.
Luckily, I had nothing to hide. Isn't it a lovely day? Art is everywhere!


- at least for a little while longer! We have enjoyed having so many beautiful works in our gallery this past month from the lovely women of this show. Here is one of Penelope Dullaghan's prints "Walking through Memories" which is still available and just sings of summer. All of her pieces come archivally matted Browse at the shop for a few others from this wonderful show: Ashley G., Lisa Congdon and two Australian women - flossy-p and Lisa Kirkpatrick.

July 01, 2007


Anna has a lovely line of jewelry which I have been meaning to show here for at least two weeks... I love all of her work, on paper, canvas and now something new (to me at least!) brevity - her line of jewelry.
She sold it at Renegade, so maybe some of you lucky people out there saw it live! Here it is in her etsy shop for the rest of us. Beautiful Anna!