July 23, 2007

Stacey Esslinger Pottery

butterdish with pink flowers

medium sized bowl with blue flowers

juice glasses 3x3x3 inches
New work keeps coming in here at artstream. - New Hampshire artist, Stacey Esslinger creates porcelain functional ware with embroidery and textiles in a handbuilt process. Each of her lovely forms are unique and due to the process, no two are alike. We found Stacey through the Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene. She is from the Alstead area of NH - right across the river from my childhood home in Vermont. After chatting with Stacey and then her mother, I found out her grandfather was my geometry teacher in high school! Small world. (small state!)
nice big teapot in blue and white
Anyway, each of her pieces we have received is full of mystery from vintage times. Each piece is hand created with textiles from long ago ... embroidery from an old pillowcase -telling a secret story, lace which came from a delicate garment from a simpler time, or hand towels used only for guests on special occasions. Each one is unique and delicate with the modern convince of being dishwasher safe. Check them out at our shop!

The word for the day is mystery ... as in a good plot, a bend in the road, and how do they get those big ships into those tiny necked bottles?


carla said...

How do they get those ships in the bottles? Hmmmph! These are lovely. Does she actually embed the textiles in the piece? That's very cool!

Susan Schwake said...

hi carla! i have posted her technique at the shop - it is quite labor intensive, but doesn't hurt the textiles at all.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, grrl! those butter dishes are making my heart flutter. just beautiful work ... and how fun that there's a connection.

Unknown said...

Her work is amazing, truly one of a kind. I have several of her pieces, they make great conversation starters and gifts for any occasion!

Unknown said...

...But of course I am her brother so that makes me slightly partial to her work.