December 17, 2013

As the old year winds down ... gratitude abounds!

 And we look ahead to what will be!

2013 has been a knockout year for us both personally and professionally. We are so thankful for friends and close family for their support through the big changes this year! We thank our gallery artists for their continued outpouring of creativity for without them we would be nothing!

This year we:
We are so thankful for our students, clients and patrons in our school, design studio and gallery. Here's to a wonderful end of the year and a terrific beginning of the new!

December 10, 2013

Cranberry and Popcorn garlands: revisited

These lovely chains/garlands are a blast to make from age 7 and up.. It's so simple. If you haven't tried it, you should!

Just get a strong thread (we used embroidery floss as it was on hand) and a needle. Pop some popcorn with the least amount of oil you can - or air pop it if you have one of those poppers. Buy a bag of fresh cranberries and keep them cold until you are ready to start. Tie a knot in the thread and begin! The popcorn is easiest strung when it is a little stale - so if you think of it, pop it the day ahead of stringing. Push the needle through the fattest part of the popped kernel as that is easiest. We do the traditional every other one being a cranberry - but you can of course do what you like with the pattern. The biggest bonus is that when the tree comes down from the holidays - the cranberry/corn garlands become such nice bird food out in the bushes in the yard.

Off the Grid:: opening!

We had a blast of an opening for Off the Grid last Friday night at artstream!  Big thanks to everyone who came out and supported the artists and Dover's new Art Walk!

 From all over the state of NH we had familiar - and new - faces enjoying the work and taking new tiny artworks to new homes.
 Old friends! Lorena Hart admiring Bridgette Guerzon Mills work in encaustic.
 Local mega talents Vita Mechachonis and Gina Perry  chatting over Paul Timmons work!

 There was a special place to make some art too - in our classrooms ... they were busy!
 Always fun to see Jill Tootell and her big smile (L) and so honored to have Bridgette Guerzon Mills attend the opening all the way from MD! I was thankful for my new pink scarf crocheted by my student Debra Day - you ROCK!

Last but certainly not least the adorable Anne Bryant and beau showed up bearing gifts of old German books for me to tear into. Awesome! A great and grateful night all in all. There are plenty of works left to buy - check them out right here!