February 27, 2009

Press:: Midwinter Thaw

Thanks to Ann Bryant who dropped by a couple of Saturdays ago to peek at our exhibit. Read all about her thoughts at The Hearald. Here in Brooklyn, we are enjoying lovely friends, food, great tips on where to go and today a trip to the Folk Art Museum and MoMA. Yesterday's visit to MAD was simply refreshing and eye popping from the 6th floor of the Lollipop building down to the coat check on 1st. One of my favorite pieces was My Back Pages by Paul Villinski. Maybe it's my obsession for records? Great meal last night at the Good Fork in Red Hook... thanks for the tip Grace! And lunch for us in Brooklyn wouldn't be right without a stop at the Bedouin Tent. Always yummy and falfel to die for. Not great photos as I am sporting the old canon and well, can't be overly bothered on this trip.... so forgive the messes! Sending happy greetings to all!

February 26, 2009

Off to NYC

Rainer and I are off to NYC but the gallery is still open - we just are refreshing our batteries and will post if there is time, but if not, until we meet again - have a wonderful week! It seems so much like spring here as there is not a speck of snow to be found, nor ice nor slushie puddles. Hooray!

February 23, 2009

Tiny art, big ideas :: Megan Bogonovich

Megan has done it YET again ... she dropped by last week with some new little goodies see here above and below. These little bowls are a mere $20 each, but pack a whallop with subtle details like textured edges, silkscreened ladies and hand drawn loveliness. I am so taken with these little bowls and the ideas which she is developing into larger pieces too! All of these - except for the ones which have already sold ... will be in the shop!

February 20, 2009

Mr. Handsom by Mimi Kirchner

I love all that is Mimi. Her blog (just now 5 yrs old) and her lovely textile art. This guy is up for grabs at her etsy and just think - he's available and could be your escort tonight!

February 19, 2009

Plaid Cars?

Wow is all I can say... love it? not sure that I do, but man it does make me stare! Found via freepeople blog. Oh my! More fun over at the art car site.

February 18, 2009

Bluebell Bazaar

LinkOver at design sponge her guest blogger series has a lovely interview with Gosia from Bluebell Bazaar. Above is a guilty pleasure I indulged in last week from the same said shop. It is the perfect combination for me of white ceramics, turqouise transferware, bottle shape and girley all together. I simply love it! It will be on a shelf in our new kitchen once the tile work is done on the wall and the shelves can go up! Check out other wonderful things at Bluebell Baazar!

February 17, 2009

Sushi Pillows

For those sushi lovers in our house, this pillow might be just the right mix of fun and function! This one is my favorite, both in real life and pillow form... Click through to see more here.

Prairie Mod :: lovely living quarters

via mocoloco. Amazingly beautiful. More on this over here.

February 16, 2009


Illustration Friday on Monday again.
Celebrate! my drawing of the bulbs growing here in NH during the whitest of months allow me to celebrate all that is green. Leaving the color out makes it a bit more February to me.

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

the valentine cake, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
Rainer made the most delicious black and white cake for me today. Blueberry jam filling, whipped cream and creamcheese frosting, It is so delightful I had to share.The tea water is on - care to stop by? I am happy to share! Love, love, love today to you all!

February 12, 2009

Sam and the Firefly

Reminiscing. Over at Drawn! I found a link to an old post which deconstructed one of my favorite books of childhood. My copy still sits in a place of honor in the bookcase, waiting for small children to stop by and have me read it to them. I will now of course look at it with new eyes again after reading this.
It still has the same appealing twilight/night illustrations which always felt a little spooky to me, being totally afraid of the dark at the time. The loving friendship of Sam however prevailed in my mind and I always felt it was a warm friendship sort of tale. Unlike the dreaded Dr. Suess tale of "the green pants with nobody inside them"...

Sub-Studio :: new print!

aboreal by sub-studio detail below:

Anna and Sean are up to it again -- so much beauty here at their shop. Love this new print Aboreal. Check it out now with free shipping until the end of the month!

February 11, 2009

1001 Journals at artstream

Today the weather is simply unseasonable, which, I for one will not complain about. It is meant to reach 50F so that is the perfect time to be in the studio. We can open the back door and enjoy a little sunshine and air! There are a lot of things on my plate today, so I will keep this post short. Just a note about a new little in house project which Sandy pointed me in the direction of - 1001 journals. We now have one set up at artstream in our waiting room, so do drop by and make your mark. No supplies necessary - they are all waiting for you at the journal station ...

February 09, 2009

[Time] to feed the birds

Time to feed the birds, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

My Illustration Friday on Monday entry. It's always time to feed the birds, this time of year.
Experience more time at IF.

Melanie Ford Wilson - on Megan Bogonovich

A huge thanks this Monday morning to darling Melanie Ford Wilson, illustrator, writer and general great gal. She posted on the Illustration Friday Blog about Megan Bogonovich's work, artstream and even me. What a lovely post. Thanks!

February 05, 2009

More sneak peeks from MidWinter Thaw

heather palmer glass nests and caitlyn cedarstrom paintings

denise jansson oil paintings

lisa occhipinti mixed media

heather palmer glass coral and tiny glass bowls
A few more photos of the Mid Winter Thaw groupings. So pretty so moving. Large scale paintings 9 feet high to tiny palm of your hand glass dishes at $20 each to melt your heart. Or your sweetheart's heart! All coming together now and will be in the shop for purchase very soon.

February 03, 2009

Penelope Dullaghan :: new prints

Penelope sent over some new *amazing* prints for the shop and they are going to be available at 4 p.m. today for $50 each! We were so excited to see these as they are always of the highest quality paper and printing as well as eye popping color and delightful composition. They are a nice size too for gifts or for yourself at 8x10 inches on the print size. Click through here!

February 02, 2009

Mid-winter thaw: a preview of things to come

caitlyn cederstrom "pink flower"
Today we are patching and painting the walls like mad here at artstream for our upcoming exhibit "MidWinter Thaw" Above is a little sneak peek of the beauty which will be adorning our walls (and pedestals) this Friday. Opening 5-8 on Friday the 6th. As always, everything will be available in our shop too on Friday, January 6th.

lisa occhipinti mixed media

Megan Bogonovich :: wedding bells

Megan is getting married this year and it's been fun chatting about wedding plans. She and Chuckie are two of the nicest most creative people I have met and their wedding will be as unique as they are. We just got a few new slip casts in the shop from Megan this week, so I thought it would be appropriate to show one of the newer ones - a wedding cake topper. As she says, "sometimes a groom can be a bunny"...