April 20, 2009

Monday monday ...

jen bradford "site 2"
After a far to eventful past four weeks, I am now trying to get into my regular routine again. First off -- you must! if you have not - take a peek at the Jen 11 show. It's beauty knows no bounds, the diversity is out of this world and the book is a wonderfully beautiful modern addition to any coffee table. That said, the work itself speaks volumes of the modern aesthetic which most of you readers embrace. Each and every piece is timeless, yet so today.

On upcoming news, The Incredible Print show is gearing up to be a huge event for us this year at artstream gallery. Over 300 works will be shown with hundreds priced well under 100 dollars, the price limit on the rest is $400. All can be previewed right here at our site!

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GM said...

such a nice painting, i like the combination of colours, thanks for sharing