March 21, 2012

New work

I have been working along over the past few months with a mixed media piece or two. This one features a transfer of my mother at age 14. She has this eyebrow thing going on. It's 12x12 inches on baltic birch panel and going into my shop today. It features a saying which came to me via Chronicle Books in the mail last week in the form of a book: See the Beauty Here. Funny, "Be who you want to be" was something my mother always said. The book is a set of stencils of phrases which you may or may not relate to. It's a fun way to add text to your artwork or your walls and pretty handy to have them bound together in one place. I think that it's a handy book to have around the studio!  Oh, and if you are near your computer today I am being interviewed by the Creative Mojo man himself: Mark Lipinski! 

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Unknown said...

Saw your book on Susanna's site!!! Many congrats Susan!!