July 08, 2011

Out of the South : words

Tobia Makover

We are getting so excited about our up coming exhibition Out of the South! Meryl Truett curated this wonderful show and I wanted to share this statement with you all today surrounding the talent which will be on display:

Out of the South-curated by Meryl Truett

Out of the South brings together a disparate yet connected group of artists who hail from the environs know as the American South. Meryl Truett is the magnet that brought this assemblage together. While each artist possesses a distinct style and aesthetic, a common thread runs though the intent and content of the work. Truett’s work celebrates a vanishing southern landscape in a unique way. By transferring the images to vintage architectural ceiling tiles, she melds the image and the form to create an evocative object.

Tobia Makover is a Savannah photographer whose work delves into memory and loss. She also employs a photo-based technique mixed with encaustic elements. Marilee Hall comes to the exhibit from Tennessee. A native of North Carolina, Hall’s southern roots run deep through the expressive clay that is her chosen medium. Also working with clay and ceramics is Polly Cook. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Polly now lives in Texas. Her work delves into the realm of the narrative of small town southern life and love. Dorothy Netherland, born in Virginia now living in Charleston, South Carolina also makes use of the narrative and the influence of memory to express her ideas through her paintings on glass. John Dodge Meyer was born in Wisconsin but has made his home in the South for the last 40 years. He works with southern hard woods that have been harvested after storms or removed due to land development. The lathe formed vessels come directly from the southern terrain and speak to the idea of environmental preservation.

Out of the South is a gathering together of art steeped in a love for the land and a reverence for memory and the power of communicating a story through personal visual choices.

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