April 25, 2007

Trees = inspiration

Gosia sent over a note about her sale on her Trunks table/stools! They are so delightful...contact her here for buying information on the sale.
Inspiration from wood and trees seems to continue to enchant people, both online and here in our gallery. Since the beginning of artstream, images, sculptures, prints and full scale installations have been the most popular items to view and buy in our gallery.
Ashley Goldberg's "Answer" 9x12 mixed media on paper $120
Our upcoming exhibition -- {un}Limited, includes trees in some form in some of the works, from all the artists. I will be revealing them slowly from now until next week. Three lovely ladies in the main gallery - Penelope, Ashley and Lisa. Two lovely Aussie artists in the eQuinox gallery - Lisa and flossy-p! So much goodness under one roof = one great spring show! Check the shop as pieces drop in for preview and buying over the next week.


Anonymous said...

One can never have enough trees - real or art!!! These are beautiful examples!

Susan Schwake said...

this is so true dear ulla! i agree!!!

kstyle said...

Love the trees. Check out my post today. "stylin with trees" on Kstyle. These would have been a great addition. k