April 02, 2007

In Mono Designs

Feli from Perth, Australia makes some very pretty wearable jewelry. I say wearable as I am not a jewelry maven... Things on my fingers or wrists just get in the way of art making. However! I love a good big earring and most days wear either these from Feli or these from the amazing Rena Tom's Rare Device...interesting...they are both from Australia!
Feli sells these new smooth wooden pieces at her etsy shop. I have been lately admiring these necklaces made from recycled timbers and named with Aboriginal names. This one is called Loorea - "the moon" and I think it is lovely.

The word for the day is ... streaming ... like the rainwater in the street, the paint from my brush and this great video which pokes a little serious fun at Web 2.0. ... (that just happens to be part of my next topic at Biz Box on Slate)

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