March 05, 2008

Podcast Interview with Abby Glassenberg

Abby came up last weekend to bring her "flock" and we decided to record a podcast on the "fly"... It's about 12 minutes long and we hope you enjoy it! (don't notice my flu infested voice please!!!) Thank you Abby (see more at her flickr right here) and thanks to Rainer for the photo above and all his continued support with these artists podcasts!
We are planning more for next week, so stick around...Meanwhile Stories and Tales will be going up tomorrow night so look for that as well! Hope to see you live and in person to see all the loveliness we will be exhibiting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing us this podcast. I've been a fan of Abby's birds since she started showing them on While She Naps. Nicw to hear a bit about her process and progress!

Anonymous said...

This is so nice, I love to find new podcasts to listen too! :-)