March 04, 2007

Kerf Designs

Lately, I've been looking around the web for alternative kitchen cabinets which are non traditional in shape and materials. I found Kerf designs out of Seattle. I really love the simple beauty and I found their line of furniture was intriguing! I love their colorways as well as their use of plywood.
Often I paint on birch plywood instead of canvas and find it's color and ultra smooth texture very appealing. I prefer a smooth surface in the kitchen, so their cabinets might be a perfect solution. Love their table too - with the shot of color on top!
Here is a link to their site with more information.


andrea said...

With all the great design shops in Seattle you may just have to move out west, young woman...:)

Susan Schwake said...

oh yes andrea! we have to get out there... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi susan,

Nathan here from kerf design. Thanks for the nice write up. Did you know that I grew up in Warner NH? I'll have to drop by your gallery next time I visit the folks.

Susan Schwake said...

Nathan! You have got to be kidding ... please DO stop by when you visit Warner. That is too funny!!!!