December 19, 2007

Lovely Hearts 2

Everyone is busy and running about right now and thinking of this and that for the holidays,
We are feeling overloaded, but what better time to stop and ponder next year's charitable giving? Yes, I wanted to give you one more thing to think about. February. Lovely Hearts 2. This coming year we are doing our Lovely Hearts breast cancer research charity exhibition again.

This year it will be in honor of a close friend of ours, Tamara (Tammy) Cogen. Tammy is battling breast cancer right now. She is young and she is strong. We are pulling for her. She and her mother Nancy own The Melting Pot, over in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn and have been handcrafters since the 70's. (ok Tammy was a child then, but Nancy's batik business has been going strong for 30+ years!)

So, we would like to open up the entry process for you all again right after Christmas at artstream. All the proceeds, after fees, will go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We will have our page set up for the process again at the site right after Christmas for entries, and to answer questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions now though!

We ask that the work be:
  • small - nothing larger than 10x10 inches
  • theme of show is love, not limited to just heart images!
  • cost of artwork to be $100 or less
  • ready to hang
  • sculpture encouraged! no larger than 10x10x10
The opening for the event will be February 1 to coincide with our city's art stroll. Start thinking, planning, and spreading the love. Everything will be in a special section of our online shop.


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful that you are doing Lovely Hearts again. It means so much to so many that you do charity art exhibits like this. Merry Christmas Susan!

felicakes said...

I am definitely doing this again if you would have me again.

I will be back to check.

This time I will send everything on time. I PROMISE. :*)

susanna said...

Count me in, Susan! This is such a worthwhile cause. I hope that your friend, Tammy, and her family have a wonderful Christmas this year and I wish for her a very, very healthy New Year. Hang in there, Tammy!

Susan Schwake said...

so nice to see your support already ladies! thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

count me in susan !!
it's danny mansmith

Unknown said...

This is great you are doing this again this!!!....I'm in...

Anonymous said...

Susan! I would love to participate!