December 07, 2007

House with a View

House with a View 12x12x1 acrylic on canvas
For Illustration Friday - which happens to conincide with this series so very nicely... House with a view third of the four part series of Little houses in the big plants. Laura Ingalls Wilder never had it is like this. Available at our shop.
Won't you come inside and join me for a cup of tea?


countrygarden said...

i would love to come inside and have a cup of tea, very cold and rainy here! really love the flower, colors and your smooth painting style.

Jan said...

Wish I could join you for a cup of tea, Susan!

Anonymous said...

I loved the peony house and I love this one, as well... I can feel that stretch of the leaf and the lovely surprise waiting to happen.

Ah, no tea for me -- too long of a hike to your place. But I raise my cup to more art and less computer time part, he-he.

Willie Baronet said...

I certainly will. Please commence to brewing it.

Sandra Monat said...

Dear Susan, I hope you and your Schatz will enjoy the Haselnusskranz :o)
Your paintings are so vivid and I love your house theme!

carla said...

This is lovely - both the concept and the design!