November 15, 2007

Quiet day

cally creates paper beauty!
Somehow I have come down with a sort of flu and am under the weather. Here is a bit of cheer from dear Angie over at omondieu! (yes she's back!) and dear Cally's lovely work. I updated my shop at etsy a bit too, with two square foot originals from the "girlhood" series I started this summer... but for now I will be going back to the tea pot and books.

new angel rings by omondieu


felicakes said...

Hope you are feeling better. Get well soon and i love that little ring!!! so sweet.

lisa solomon said...

i hope you fell better!

i am totally gaga over cally's work too!

Cally said...

bleugh, flu, hope it passes soon susan. never nice but better this month than next when there is so so much to stay on top of. hot drinks, love and

ps, hee hee, thanks for showing my papercut.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! I hope you get to feeling better VERY soon! A teapot and a nice stack of books is a great prescription! :)

Hope your day is peaceful and healing!


Karen Beth :)

Unknown said...

Hope you are better now..I love Cally's work, would love to see it in person.

Anonymous said...

Lovely where are these? I just got flu and phenmonia shot! Denise Hull,MA

angela said...

oh sweets...

hope you're feeling better as i write this. a few days later.

still here on st. john. was meant to go to the virgin gorda today and now we can't find my immigration papers. oh god. what if i can't leave the states come tuesday? hoping that we'll find the paperwork with my tickets and such once the rest are back and i can get into the safe.

so here's me, about to lounge by the pool and enjoy the day for myself, working on the tan. oh sigh. really really really wanted to go on the boat trip today. so trying to remind myself, all things happen for a reason. just wondering what this reason could be.

loves you. we'll talk when i'm back. and angels will be on their way too.