November 16, 2007

Heather Palmer, Livia Coliji and more

nest by Heather Palmer black glass

the elephant and the bird
Thank you all for your kind words and mails yesterday. I am feeling a tad better today!
Lots of updates to the shop are coming... we are updating the entire shop - site so please be patient with us today....
We have had three new boxes come into the gallery this week and as I am feeling a bit better today, I will venture out to open them. Heather Palmer's beautiful glass works have arrived and new tiny art by Livia Coloji from Romania are there waiting for me along with some new jewelry from a NYC artist to be revealed a bit later!
Above is some of Heather's and Livia's work which we just received. Look for it in the shop this weekend.

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Pat said...

Glad you are better today. I think this 'nasty' is traveling around our region; Larry fell quickly to it overnight and others are talking . . . gosh it was great to spend time with you on Wednesday with Wild Willy and art.