November 16, 2007

Andrea Corson

garland necklace

earrings three
Andrea Corson is a jewelry designer from NYC. Her pieces have been celebrated by Daily Candy, The NYTimes, Bon Appetit, Surface and more. We are thrilled to find her via her sister- in - law, Kelly, who is one of my adult painting students. She had some of Andrea's jewelry on and well, the rest is history. It's going into the shop this weekend - along with a wonderful load of other goodies - handmade gifts for self and others. We are in the middle of an update too, so everything will be all tidy when we are back up! Andrea's pieces will be there as well - earrings and necklaces all so one of a kind and very special. I am totally in love with the Garland 2 necklace pictured above.
Oh! One last, late bit! Jessica is holding a giveaway, but only until tonight - hop over and enter!


Cally said...

So glad you are feeling better. I've tagged you on my blog, 5 weird or random things, if you want to join in, but I reckon you may be far too busy for such silliness, my goodness you do SO much. Have a good Sunday x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Denise HullMA

heather smith jones said...

Andrea Corson's jewelry is so nice and looks great on your new online shop! Truly, the shop does look really good; it's refreshing.

Susan Schwake said...

thank heather! there is a few more bugs to work out but at least the new banner is up and running and new features!
stay tuned!

Gretchen said...

Hey Susan-
Gorgeous jewelry pieces! Darn it, I "tagged" you too but see someone beat me to it. Anyway, see my blog for details.