November 29, 2007

Brain Shawl

Brain Shawl, originally uploaded by ladylinoleum.

Regina from Monster Crochet has done it again. I love this woman and the way her mind works. This shawl was crocheted in thread and of her own pattern and design. Is she a brainiac or what?
Too good to miss, Regina's way with fiber is twisted for sure and always unique. I had the pleasure to meet her this past summer at the gallery on her visit to NH - all the way from L.A. She immediately fell in love with Megan Bogonovich's unusual growth dogs (no surprises there!) and I found out that she not only has her way with fiber but an MFA under her belt too.
This woman is a true artist. I guess that it shows here plainly, n'est pas?
Bravo Regina!


andrea said...

Oh my god. I want one!!

Anonymous said...

That is really neat. I do filet crochet with thread as well, but I have only done patterns that others have made. I'm hoping to design some of my own someday. This is really different though and quite detailed.