November 26, 2007

Girlhood paperdoll calendar 08

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and holiday time... we certainly did along with a well needed rest.
However, I have been busy packaging up the new "Girlhood paperdoll calendar" for 2008. I was inspired this year to create illustrative memories of my own daughter's "girlhood years" adding in some parts of mine. I chose to use pen and ink with watercolor illustrations for the months and left the paper additions to YOU. Yes, a DIY gift for that paper lover in your life. There are enough papers and tracing paper pattern paper to create your own unique outfits for each month. Instructions are included tooThe calendar comes with a ribbon tie, and the packet of papers is attached to the back. They are 8.5x11 inches, but with more room to write in appointments and such. They are $28 and available in the gallery, online in our shop and at my etsy!


Unknown said...

Hi Susan,
Love the idea of Girlhood paperdoll calendars!

Glad you had a happy TDay! We enjoyed our time together.....

Anonymous said...

LOVE the calendar-- like all your stuff ! :D

Cally said...

Things with memories attached always having an extra something special about them that spreads even to the people who didn't have the memories. It's like reading a book and it becomes part of your own story evn though the character was the one having the adventures. And then for you to make it interactive too, well that is just the bee's knees :0)

Linda O'Neill said...

Love the illustrations, Susan!