December 17, 2007

Art Goodness

guppies by Ty Williams 11x14x1.5 inches $175

There is so much goodness radiating around right now... it's amazing. We have been going crazy with shipping artsy goodness to lucky holiday gift receivers - (you people are so smart to buy art for your loved ones, thank you!)
I have been so lucky to be part of the great group number 6 for the ornament swap. I have some beauties to show, but first here is the two that came through the door today - from right around the corner in Gonic from Geek+ Nerd and from PA from the lovely Megan of meganauman. I have loved her work from afar for quite awhile now and am so pleased to have her ornament!

On the coast, a very talented young man has been contacting me for awhile now and I have been lusting after his artwork. Ty Williams has dropped off a few of his last year's paintings with us and some new work as well. As he is trying to make way for new work he is offering his older pieces at crazy prices. We are putting them into the shop today and throughout the week for all of you bargin hunters. His work appeals to me on so many levels. The colorways and black line work are tremendous. His use of 1 and a half inch drawers made from wood give the work a bold placement on the wall. He occasionally uses canvas and a skateboard deck or two, but these are not the norm. Check out "Brothers of the Beard" and "Fine Fish Friends". His wit knows no bounds. Ty will appear in our shop continuously with new work appearing monthly. He will also be featured in a show in 2008, so stay tuned for more of his work!

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