December 04, 2008

To Rome, To Roam

looking up to the front.... where are the sculptures?

by Tom Glover

Sarah Ahearn's lovely work

more Tom Glover

Liz Kollach's vibrant work...
Here are a few snapshots from the new exhibition at artstream: To Rome, To Roam featuring Tom Glover's new paintings and Megan Bogonovich's new sculptures. Tom has simply knocked himself out with beautiful renditions from abstracted views to colorful realistic streets in Rome as well as over 30 sepia watercolored sketch paintings of Rome. Megan's sculptures feature six brand new fresh from the studio works which evoke a sense of discovery or roaming (hence the theme, cough cough) within them. Come, see for yourself, at the opening of this fun exhibition and forget your cold New England worries of winter heating bills ... bask in the Roman sunshine and scramble up the mountain of shell like structures to find a little fantasy atop with us tomorrow night at the opening... 5-8 or so. Roam with us, if you will.

As if that were not enough, we also have two amazing women in the eQuinox gallery during this show - Sarah Ahearn Bellemere from Ithaca NY and Liz Kalloch from the San Fransico Bay area. Their mixed media works are as sunny as their own personalities - I met them both in person at Squam and was so pleased that they would appear in our gallery for this show. We have the full set of photos filling up at our flickr and by tomorrow night .. (or perhaps just a wee bit later) we will have the full show online in our shop for purchase. But for now, some shots of the installation in the gallery. More to come tomorrow too... and much earlier!