December 05, 2008

Blogoversary Winners!

Ta dum da da dummmmmmm oops! a day late! Too much week this week!
Above is a shot of the baskets of loot, plus I am throwing in a few extra goodies for the surprise factor), which will round things out nicely! Thanks to ALL who left their sweet comments and helped celebrate the little milestone!
Announcing the three winners picked by the "randomizer number thingy" for the blogoversary giveaway:
package #1 goes to Alma Stoller
package #2 goes to Fiddlesticks and funnygirls
package #3 goes to The Camp
So there you have it - albeit a day late, forgive me! Send me your snail mail addresses please to susan[at]artstreamstudios[dot]come and I will be prompt in getting them out to you!



megan and melissa said...

Oh yah! That's me! I can't wait! I have never won a giveaway ever! Thanks so much!

Susan Schwake said...

the pleasure is all mine! thanks for playing...

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about it.
Thank you so much.