September 21, 2008

Saturday Enrichment Program

I wanted to share a video made during our Saturday Enrichment Program held at artstream this past year for autistic children. It was a wonderful experience for me to teach these children and I thank Sherry Day for capturing the essence of what we did together in this video. Thanks too, to Pat Spiller for having the vision to create such a program and the funders for their generosity.
We are looking forward to having such a program again at artstream.


Geek+Nerd said...

oh this made me cry! how wonderful! I love the little guy towards the end when he kisses his certificate! and it's great that christine did this program too...she's so incredible!

jenica said...

that is so beautiful! what a great opportunity.


Susan Schwake said...

thanks you you two for watching it. it was a really moving and wonderful experience.

Pat said...

Susan, Thanks for posting the video. It was, as always, wonderful working with you to plan the series of Saturday workshops. You made lots of kids really happy! Pat