September 23, 2008

People continue to inspire me ...

Over the past 15 years of teaching art, I have had so many people inspire me while they were students at my classes, workshops and retreats. I have to share with you today one of the most recent pearls which dropped into my inbox this week. Jenica was at Squam Art Workshops in my painting class ... she ended up being in that spot at the end of the class, which wasn't where she wished to be. That place where the painting hasn't had enough time with it's maker, it's in it's "ugh" phase, or to coin a phrase from dear adult student Amy "it's hideous!" stage. We took a few minutes to further critique what she did and didn't like from the painting and after a few suggestions she was able to figure out where to go on from.

Yesterday she sent me the cute photo you see above. She took a plein air class, came up with two paintings she was happy with and found that one of them was going to be included in a traveling exhibition! To say the least, she is happy and I am thrilled she is painting seriously.

Just a little affirmation. We need Affirmations in our life daily. More on some of the special Affirmations in the gallery - later today


kelly barton art + design said...

i am so in love with this girl and getting to see her advance in just the past week has been too much fun!

how cute is she?

jenica said...

thank you so much for this. your encouragement has truly propelled me!