September 23, 2008

Swampgril is making Whoopie!

One of the best things about living in New England is Whoopie Pies. Yes folks, I know that you think it's all fall foliage, Hotel New Hampshire, and historic cities here, but nay nay. It's the Whoopie Pies which keeps us staying here through the long horrible winters. So you can't visit us? No need - just click over here to Moe's site for a recipe which will literally knock your socks off. Trust me, I know whoopie pies.
psst- while you are over there getting the recipe - make sure you send your wedding greetings to Moe too!


lisa solomon said...

omg. how much do i want one of these??? like right now? :D

Anna said...

definitely look tasty!

Anonymous said...

thanks, girl. i loved these little suckers. to be a post on art espirt is a dream!!!!

you rock.

swampboy's wife

Anonymous said...

whoopie pies looks delish! I think I'll have to try the recipe! Thanks for sharing!