September 19, 2008

New Artist: Boyan:sneak peek

At artstream, we are introducing some new artists to our gallery in the coming weeks. The first one I would like to give you a sneek peek from is Boyan. Yesterday he dropped by with the pots we had ordered a month ago and all I can say is WOW. Boyan is from Bulgaria and has married an American, Anna, and works like crazy in his NH studio. His ability to throw a perfect pot is incredible and he also loves to just make things. The pots he has created for us are in white and will be also coming in stock in a delicious shade of yellow a little later on. So here is the peek of Boyan unloading his pots and a close up group shot of the work itself.
This weekend we will be doing the photo shoots of the work and it will be in the gallery and in our online shop. His work starts with miniature bowls at $8.50 - and ranges to bowls ($26-$40) , plates and oooh wait till you see his mugs ($15) Affordable handmade beauty.


red-handed said...

Those are the bomb.

Pat said...

I love them! And they are reminiscent of early 20th century glassware with their nice little round baubles. I WANT some!!